What is the core of women’s volleyball spirit?

The core of women’s volleyball team spirit is patriotism.Patriotism is the eternal spiritual gene of the Chinese nation and the most fundamental and eternal spiritual quality in the core socialist values.The spirit of Women’s Volleyball team is the general summary of the indomitable and brave fighting spirit of Chinese women’s volleyball team.The spirit of the women’s volleyball team is embodied in the following aspects: solid, diligent, fearless, indomitable, sharing weal and weal, united and fighting, assiduous study and climbing to new heights.In the world volleyball competition, with the spirit of indomitable struggle and brave struggle, they won five world championships, winning glory for the country and making contributions to the people.Their spirit inspired the whole nation greatly.The “spirit of Women’s Volleyball Team” is based on hard work and strength, and it is a feeling that the old women’s volleyball team conveys to the audience during the matches.Hard-working spirit, especially in the face of strong players, not afraid, not timid, open-minded, can give full play to the strength, and opponents to be afraid of their own.The most important reason why the spirit of women’s volleyball team is highly respected is that the spirit of fearlessness, indomitable fighting and never giving up is more inspiring than the “penta Crown” itself.

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