The original intention of fairy tales: the influence of fairy tales on people comes from sowing the seeds of virtue in childhood

Article | ah son sauce “Snow White” is always a lovely little girl, she and the seven dwarfs lived happily in the forest, a few hundred years later, she still lives in the story, also live in our childhood memory.Even if there is no “prince and princess living happily ever after” in real life, to be “alive” is to allow yourself to have a vision of a better life.In fairy tales, beauty and truth always exist, although most of the time, it is only a conceptual existence, it is more likely to give children a process and result that they are interested in through beautiful stories.Italo Calvino is one of the most important Italian novelists in the 20th century. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature but died unexpectedly.Italo Calvino’s “Italian Fairy Tales,” published in 1956, is based on various written records of fairy tales from various parts of Italy in the 19th century.Calvino described himself as the “Italian Grimm” when he wrote these tales. Calvino was closer to the roots of folklore than the Grimm’s, more concerned with ordinary Italian readers and readers around the world. It can be said that the “all Italian fairy tales” can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.Italy is the hometown of European fairy tales, Italy’s passionate, cheerful and bright national character, in this set of “Calvino Italian Fairy tales”, can see justice, kindness, courage, generosity and other beautiful character.Calvino Italian Fairy Tales: Robber, Girl, Flower is part of a three-part series of five volumes. In addition to the bright colors, reading the stories also feels like listening to the fresh simplicity of folklore.Italo Calvino’s Timeless Fairy Tales for Children and Adults The Labyrinth of the Jungle is a collection of original fairy tales written by Italo Calvino.The story takes place in a dark, dense forest.When the king and his soldiers came into the forest after returning from war, it was like walking into a maze that never ended…Use your imagination and guess what unexpected things happened to them in the forest.The little Pear has six stories about different girls.Among them was a girl who was stuffed into a basket of pears for the king by the farmer’s father.Later in the king’s warehouse was found, was sent to the king’s kitchen assistant, everyone also called her “little pear”……At the end of each story, the girls cleverly resolve the crisis and reap happiness.”Belinda’s roses” contains five stories, is a story about magic, like most of fairy tales, “magic” is a heavy fairy tale elements, like harry potter, magic to let all the people all the things are changing, all the stories in the magic can generate unlimited tension, the end of the day, the fate of all this change.There are eight stories in the volume of Juffa.There are four of them about a little simpleton named Juffa, who comes from a poor, lazy, rascally, muddle-headed family who has all sorts of fancy ideas for making money.”Daughters of the Sun” a total of five stories, the story is the protagonist of the beautiful girls, they were born with magic had to deal with fate, and finally they are how to save the danger?In childhood memory, classic fairy tales are indispensable partners, stories have the magic to bring people into the lines, to cultivate children’s reading ability, perception, is to enjoy the fun of reading.Every generation of children has turned to these classic fairy tales for answers and support, but only if “the child is interested in learning before he will read.”The publishing house has specially produced the “Guide Manual”, through 7 small questions, not only to help children sort out their understanding and perception of the story, but also to write a unique fairy tale of their own.Every child will suffer from learning pressure. Instead of learning without knowing why, it is better to try to find out and solve problems based on preferences, which is more useful for him in the future.From willing to take the initiative to learn, read the story with plot and characters, help children logic training, vivid color picture to give visual experience, can enrich the imagination of the brain, and the truth contained in it is also extremely rich.Every fairy tale, no matter how long it is, has an ending.This beginning to end perfection can be achieved again and again, intellectually and emotionally.”The fairy tales I heard as a child had more meaning than life’s lessons.”– Friedrich Schiller, German poet What is it about fairy tales that can withstand repeated reflection and retelling?When western societies criticize fairy tales for being unrealistic or stereotyped, it is important to remember that everyone, including the critics themselves, has been brought up on fairy tales since ancient times.Even when the magic is full or in a fairy-tale wonderland, there is a kind of vicarious satisfaction, in which fantasy characters and conflicts and solutions to events strive for some kind of meaning.The wisdom of a man is accumulated from the most irrational sources, and only in adulthood can he make sense of his existence in the world through his experiences in the world.The hero in the fairy tale, before the happy day, in fact, there is a long way to work hard.Most fairy tales end with this: Nothing can be achieved effortlessly, so increase your power to live bravely.So stories are stories, but also to help children deal with the inevitable emotions and entanglementsin daily life, learn to experience and understand from different angles, to respect and accept everyone, so that they can give more care and kindness to people around them.Fairy tales are not only a part of childhood, but also a part of adult life.Themes and images from fairy tales often creep into our thoughts and conversations, implying our most ardent desires and deepest expectations.In “Calvino Italian Fairy Tales”, full of imaginative thinking mode, in the story structure, find the wisdom of interesting stories;The constant innocence, the fear of the unknown, the curiosity and anticipation of all possibilities, are the origins of calvino’s Italian fairy tales.The influence of fairy tales on a man arises from their influence in childhood, when the seeds of virtue are sown.

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