The influence of university expansion on admission rank?

The expansion of university enrollment will lead to a sharp increase in the number of students, but teaching resources may not keep up.1. Generally speaking, the university expands enrollment, can reduce the admission line, this is when the university expands enrollment, due to the expansion of the number of people, the definition of the minimum score is low, the university expands enrollment is not necessarily completely good.It is natural that the more people, the lower the score, but the score does not tell the story.In terms of the rankings, the level of candidates varies from year to year because of the difficulty of the questions.Theoretically speaking, if it comes down to the first year, the possibility of the next year is very small, but don’t rule it out, it should be more peaceful.2. College admissions are down.Of so-called qualified line expand, it is to point to the university according to recruit students quota commonly, reduce qualified line, expand recruit students limits.This new eligibility line is the extended eligibility line.It is used for university examinations and graduate school examinations.The expansion of university enrollment quota, also known as the expansion of university enrollment quota or the expansion of university enrollment quota, is an educational reform policy of the People’s Republic of China mainland since 1999 to expand the enrollment quota of general universities and specialized schools on the basis of solving economic and employment problems.3. According to the principle of priority of parallel volunteer scores, the Posting will be completed immediately after the Posting of high scores to low scores.Therefore, it is the students with low scores who are affected by the change in the number of recruitment plans.For schools with a change in enrollment plan, the upper and lower width of the qualified line can be calculated according to the qualified line in previous years.This is also known as “tail addition and subtraction”.

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