Ping an Puhui Shaoxing branch: keep good money bag, Ping an puhui has a clever move

Popularization of financial consumption knowledge, help the general public to improve financial literacy, prevent financial fraud, is the direction of Ping an Puhui Shaoxing Branch has been working hard.Recently, Ping an Puhui Shaoxing branch carried out “keep good citizens’ money bags, Ping an Puhui has a good idea” dimension C action.As ping An Inclusive finance consumer ability improvement plan, “Dimension C Action”, as the name implies, is to protect the rights and interests of customers, which also means vitamin C to enhance immunity, reflecting the original intention of Ping An Inclusive finance to protect the rights and interests of consumers.On the day of the C action, the volunteers of Pingan Puhui Shaoxing Branch came to the World Trade Square and surrounding streets in Yuecheng District to help people keep their “money bags” with practical public welfare actions.Into the community, such as distributing leaflets offline activities by popularize knowledge of financial fraud prevention, volunteers dress uniform bright, sincere to people about what is a financial fraud, patiently suffered financial fraud knowledge such as how to save your stop loss, and remind consumers remain vigilant in daily consumption, once appear, financial fraud, must report to the police as soon as possible, take reasonable measures to protect their own rights and interests.Through the patient explanation and considerate service of the volunteers, they gradually gained the trust of the community residents, and also attracted many citizens to stop.Ping an Puhuiwei C action is committed to helping small and micro business owners, ordinary wage earners, college students, the elderly and other vulnerable groups with financial ability to improve financial literacy and enhance self-protection ability.In the future, ping an HP shaoxing branch joint professional organizations, from all walks of life will also continue to innovative ways, rich content, fu can consumer financial ability, in the process of prevent defuse financial risks, effectively protect the lawful rights and interests of financial consumers intact, protect people’s property security, to create a healthy and harmonious financial environment contribution “HP power”.

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