In fact, mature feelings, is two people learn to play each

Female writer Sanmao wrote such a paragraph in “If there is an afterlife” : “If there is an afterlife, to make a tree, stand into eternity, no posture of sorrow and joy.Half in the earth, half in the wind.”It is hoped that everyone can have the ability to live alone.Even in love, I hope we don’t lose ourselves.In the relationship, both sides have their own hobbies and pursuit, each play each but is not to do the betrayal of the other party.First, a good love is I dare to be in your arms alone singer Liu Ruoying wrote a book “I dare to be alone in your arms”, even if found a partner, also still keep their own little world.A friend told me that her current boyfriend is a 30-year-old man who is very caring but doesn’t interfere too much in her life.Even if they live together, most of the time, she reads books in the study, while the uncle works in the living room.When you’re done, get together and pick out a good movie, order take-out and eat some good food.Compared with her previous boyfriend, she feels most comfortable with him because she can be herself and he doesn’t dictate what clothes to wear, what food to eat, or tell her how to behave.And before the childish boyfriend to play the game must pull himself beside the company, but in front of that completely do not understand the game, she really feel the time is suffering.So a mature relationship is like this, two people learn to play separate, dependent on each other, but not too tied.This kind of comfortable love can last longer.In fact, everyone has their own lonely mind, this world is not the so-called empathy.So, I dare to be alone in your arms, to digest their emotions.Instead of being forced to feel your feelings through moral kidnapping, I have to be happy when you’re happy, and I have to be sad when you’re sad.Good love is not two conjoined twins, but two independent individuals standing together, looking at the lonely world.Two, is it love, or acquisitiveness?Many women have had similar experiences, that is, their boyfriends do not allow them to wear some sexy and mature clothes, because other men in the street looked at, it is a loss.But her boyfriend asked her to wear conservative, on the road to see a good-looking little sister can see a few eyes, because this is earned.So many girls on the Internet will ask such questions, when can I have the freedom to wear clothes?Women love beauty is nature, just like birds love their feathers, dressed up after a woman will make the mood beautiful.But other men do not understand the truth of seeing no indecency, but women wearing the clothes they like is a crime.When a man doesn’t let his girlfriend wear shorts or skirts, it’s just possessiveness, not true love, because true love is respect and understanding.For example, some time ago, xu Zheng in the hit drama “Xiao Min’s House” even ate the little boy who had been playing with him since childhood. Finally, this kind of love also developed into a kind of morbid, and became hurtful possessiveness.That’s not what mature love is about. It’s not about tying up your partner in the name of love.It’s about allowing your partner to do what they want, as long as they don’t cross the line.So when you are in love, you must distinguish whether the love of the other party is possessive or not. If it is possessive rather than true love, it is better to leave as soon as possible, because possessive men always end up doing irrational things.The sooner a couple becomes independent, the more beautiful the relationship Everyone comes into this world alone, and leaves it alone.So whoever it is, it’s just a journey that accompanies us in life.Some people may accompany you for a while, some people may accompany you for a long time, but the only person who can accompany you from beginning to end is yourself.So the sooner a couple becomes financially and spiritually independent in a relationship, the more beautiful the relationship becomes.There won’t be too much mutual possession, mutual blame.Just like cats, there is always the ability to entertain themselves, always the ability to survive in the wild.

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