Folk Chinese dream of ancient locust tide

Under the big locust tree for the New Year, the tiger in the Tiger to welcome the New Year.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the 16th Chinese Folk Custom series activities officially opened in Hongdong Big Locust Tree root searching and ancestor worship Garden.At the same time, “Dream back to the Big Locust Tree through the Folk Village” theme night tour will be launched simultaneously.The folk custom in China series of activities in the “folk ancient China in tide dream” as the theme, “tiger send blessing” “” the Ming dynasty imperial examination” Ming street show “proud” the joy of the New Year “” tiger treasure garden party” “” spring garden” light “2022” folk three prince “9” hometown sentiment “for performing arts activity around the clock, will from the beginning continue until the fifteenth day of the day.National tide fresh wind + folk taste + night tour lights, hongdong big locust tree has given a unique New Year gift to the descendants of immigrants returning home for the Chinese New Year.The new wind is “new” flavor.The wind blew into hongdong big pagoda tree, “Poetry conference”, “Wulin Conference” and “Ming Market” have opened the competition mode, Li Bai led tourists on the way to the university of Poetry;Master led tourists in front of kuixing Building for the champion;Fortune-tellers and matchmakers guide visitors to experience the life of the Ming Dynasty;Fu Tiger led the tourists to play together year beast add blessing;Niu Bao, Tiger Bao, Huai Bao and homesick birds are surrounded by tourists to take photos…The country tide wind and martial arts wind, cultural wind, animation wind blend with each other, so that this folk Chinese year more “tide”, more “new”.Folk flavor is “year” flavor.Speaking of the taste of the Chinese New Year, how can we miss the folk custom, in this year’s Chinese folk Year series of activities, “Happy New Spring”, “Spring Horticulture gathering”, “folk three prince”, “performing hometown” is the most folk taste of activities.In the parking lot at the south gate of the scenic spot, the square at the north gate and the folk village, the food street is respectively decorated with hongdong local food characteristics and local snacks in a body. Fish ge Dou, whirlwind potato tower, Mongolian barbecue, fancy cotton candy, shamu belly, beef ball noodles and other kinds of food tempt the taste buds of visitors.Dozens of wonderful performances, such as “Pattern gong and Drum”, “Big Locust Immigrant”, “traditional Sacrifice”, “Five tigers climbing a Mountain” and so on, are staged every day in turn, setting off the festive atmosphere at the same time, adding “New Year” flavor and “culture” to this folk Chinese New Year.Night tour lights are “fun” taste.When night falls, under the big locust tree wonderful.The night tour with the theme of “Dream back to Big Locust Tree and Walk through Folk Village” was officially launched.”Dreamy light festival”, “nostalgia dance studios” light show “entertainment” the taste of the Ming dynasty “” New Year performing arts exchange” “New Year lanterns will” “wonderful night” fluorescent “star space-time tunnel” eight activities include the grandeur of the lamp modelling art, sweet classic oldies, entertaining entertainment facilities, the temptation of taste buds flavor snacks, wonderful acting performances,While enriching tourists’ nightlife, the year of the Tiger adds a different “fun” flavor.

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