How much did The Chinese Golden Flower Australian Open make?Zhang Shuai received 1.2 million, Han Xinyun account 215,000!

With Zhang Shuai losing in the semifinals of mixed doubles, the Australian Open golden Flower run of China has come to an end.As one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, the Australian Open is absolutely tuhao level in terms of prize money.With a record a $75 million in prize money at this year’s Australian Open, how much did the Chinese players earn?Zhang Shuai, the highest-paid player at the Australian Open, reached the third round in singles, the second round in women’s doubles and the semi-finals in mixed doubles.Zhang took home a total of 267,300 Australian dollars, or 1.2 million yuan, before tax.Wang Qiang found her form at the Australian Open, reaching the last 32 of the women’s singles and earning a total prize of 221,000 Australian dollars, or about 1 million yuan at current exchange rates.The three young stars zheng Qinwen, Wang Xinyu and Wang Xinyu all broke through at this year’s Australian Open to win their first career Grand Slam.Each of them earned 154,000 Australian dollars, or about 690,000 yuan.Xu Yipan and Yang Zhaoxuan were the furthest golden flowers in the doubles competition. They joined hands to break into the 16th round and shared a prize of 113,000 Australian dollars, each of whom could share 254,000 yuan.Han xinyun, who lost in the first round of the Qualifying round and advanced to the second round of the women’s doubles, earned a total of 47,800 Australian dollars, or about 215,000 yuan.Yuan, who stopped in the deciding round of the qualifying round, earned 53,500 Australian dollars, or about 240,000 dollars, at the Australian Open.Zhu Lin, who failed in the first round of the qualifying round, was awarded A $25,250.Although the amount of money may seem high, players have to pay high taxes, and then take into account team expenses and so on, the actual amount of money can be reduced.The money is great, but so is the effort.

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