Famous host CAI Tou died of illness, a sigh

CAI Tou is a well-known host in Taiwan, good at imitation and cross-dressing.I have watched his show and it really makes people laugh.The news of his death from liver cancer on January 26th, aged 71, came as a shock.At the time, his agent revealed he had liver cancer last October.Many famous artists, their heart is very strong.Even when they’re dying, they choose not to tell their friends.It reminds me of Xiang Huasheng and Lin Chung-ying, Lin chung-ying was so friendly with Sammo Hung before he died, but he refused to see Him before he died, probably because he didn’t want his old friend to see him like this.CAI Tou, who brought us so much joy, died of liver cancer.What do you have to say about that?

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