The design of hot spring resort covers the indoor and outdoor business functions for the needs of children and holidaymakers

Aquardens Hot Spring Resort is one of the few large hot spring spa resorts in Europe, covering 65,000 square meters.Located in Santa Brogiodival Polichella, Italy.Including indoor hot spring hall, outdoor hot spring spa area and other water business functions for parent-child and vacation needs.The concept of the project was to create a green amphitheater-style building that does not affect the environment, a structure that is in harmony with the surrounding hills.Water rises from the subsoil and cools to 36°, which is then also used to produce renewable energy throughout the complex.The structure that makes up the project is strategically located in the green area, covering Lippia Nodiflora;Some of the large Windows exposed from the main building or skylights on the hill capture light for the whole “underground”.The main spa pavilion covers 8,000 square meters and includes hot spring pools, isolation basins, coves, slow hot spring river equipped with hydraulic massage and therapeutic jets, providing stimulation and charm of inside and outside movement.Color therapy caves, salt pools (water from the Dead Sea) and waterfalls in the caves represent a variety of fascinating attractions on the journey.Carefully designed to respond to public use: sound-absorbing ceiling made of perforated and insulated aluminum, soundproof glass.From the entrance, the spacious lobby welcomes visitors and provides access to the spa, health area, shops and food area, fitness area, gym, sanitary facilities and more.The soil in the region holds a valuable resource, hot water — bubbled up from a depth of about 130 meters at 47°C.Aquardens is located at the beginning of the Prealps in Verona, where the climate is usually suitable all year round thanks to the southern sun, and abundant cypress and olive trees can be seen.Due to its style and function, this hot spring park blends perfectly with its surroundings.As one of the recurring themes in contemporary architecture.The project is not just a building.Design sensitivity relates to the environment in new ways.In this context, the Aquardens project is something new: a different kind of difference, and it stands out among the many projects that have made a tumultuous progress in architecture since the 1970s.

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