The Chinese women’s volleyball team was built, and yuan Xinyue finished the transformation, beating Wang Yuanyuan

The Chinese Volleyball Association (CTA) has announced the requirements for players to be selected for the national team training camp and updated their sports data, providing an idea for how to build a Chinese women’s volleyball team.In the Tokyo cycle, some fans complained about Li Yingying, mainly because of her high jump ability.Unlike offensive ability outstanding, Li Yingying bounce ability become points project, the nature of the “bread jump”, was once in the same breath with the Italian star diouf, but in China society platoon officer xuan’s latest data, Li Yingying accounting, not only serve scoring the ball, and other projects to get the first, in the run-up to touch on high, to 3 m, 28, catch up with the Zhang Changning success,Hold on to the number one spot.Li yingying’s talent, ability and hard work are commendable, and she will be a strong competitor for the main force position in the new cycle.With Li Yingying general realization of the sudden rise, there are free Women’s volleyball in Jiangsu Ni Feifan.Since debut, Ni Feifan’s defensive ability has become a big hotspot, but she has not been able to do more flowering, outstanding defensive ability, a pass ability performance.Based on past statistics, Ni’s first pass ranking is lagging behind, and in the 2021-2022 season, her first pass ranking is even outside the top 10, so it’s no wonder fans criticize her.In the latest data released by the China Volleyball Association, Ni’s rate of first arrival is the highest and the only one over 55 percent in the 71 “talent pool” list, one percentage point ahead of Wang Weiyi, who is second with 54.7 percent.A series of data changes, can explain ni Fanfei this player has not the uncommon potential, but also has the indomitable spirit to make progress, in the team under the guidance of CAI Bin, she will have the opportunity to become the main player.Compared with Li Yingying and Ni Feifan, Yuan xinyue has only been questioned more.As one of the “seven fairies” of The Chinese women’s Volleyball team, Yuan Xinyue once suffered from the lack of blocking ability, and the gap between Yan And the naked eye is visible, but also known as the “king of blocking zero”.Of course, Yuan also knows that the only way to help the Chinese women’s volleyball team go further is to train hard. According to the latest statistics released by the Chinese Volleyball Association, Yuan successfully completed the reversal, and the success rate of blocking shot jumped to 26.2%, 1.7 percentage points ahead of The second ranked Wang Yuanyuan.In the new cycle, due to the new rules of the Chinese Volleyball Association, the competition among the members of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team will only be more intense. However, no matter Li Yingying, Ni Feifan, or Yuan Xinyue, all have the ability to impact the main position. We also look forward to CAI Bin’s guidance to lead the players to break through obstacles and reach new highs!

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