Silent protest?Protest Russian figure skating girl out of another move, South Korean TV broadcast on mute

Russian figure skating 15 genius wali is a beautiful girl though she is check out the drug, but the international sports arbitration tribunal (CAS) that she still can be in the Beijing games in the women’s figure skating game, the decision to figure skating world start to protest, South Korea’s SBS television station broadcast in wali “short program match more fully adopt” mute “, express the silent protest.South Korea’s figure skating champion Kim Yu-na, who won gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, went black on social media in protest at the CAS decision to let Valieva compete.”The principle that doping offenders cannot compete must be upheld without exception and that the efforts and dreams of all athletes are equally valuable.”The south Korean TV station SBS took a more unusual step. The day before yesterday, when Valieva appeared in the short program, SBS specially stated that it would not explain or comment on athletes who tested positive for drugs.So when Valieva took the stage, the SBS anchors and commentators were silent.Valieva in the short song got 82.16, ranked the first, today will be the long song competition, she can win the gold?Will there be an award ceremony after the gold medal?Are the hot topics of today’s Beijing Winter Olympics.

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