Rationally, can the 37-year-old James still win a fifth title before he retires?

James’ goal now is to close the gap with Jordan. He wants to equal Jordan, or even surpass him.If anyone else is talking about passing Michael Jordan, it’s a pipe dream, but it’s possible for James.Now James needs to win again, the more championships, the smaller the gap with Jordan, when the time comes to achieve 40000 points 10000 rebounds 10000 assists feat, then he will become the first person in history, completely possible.Now he’s a four-time champion, he’s definitely not going to win this season.Not to look down on the lakers, but halfway through the season, they’re showing signs of being hopeless.If it weren’t for the play-offs, the lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs this season.James is 37, or 38 according to our algorithm, but he’s running out of time.At the end of this season, he will be a free agent, and his decisions will directly affect whether he wins a championship or not.It’s a question of whether James will stay with the lakers or switch teams once he becomes a free agent.Stay with the lakers, keep Davis for the future, and ideally bring him in, so they can continue to win championships.If he were to switch teams, he would be able to move to another strong team, although wherever he is, he is a thigh player and his move would be sensational.James is still averaging 25+5+5 per game, or a first-team strength, if he wants to go to a championship team, the other side is definitely welcome.If it’s the Lakers, he can wait and see what happens before deciding whether to stay.So it’s all James’s call, whether he stays or goes.He’s still in good shape to play on a championship-contending team, and the lakers wasted his year.So it seems that before James retires, he is still very likely to win a career title 5, then the gap with Jordan will narrow a lot!

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