LNG war RNG, strive for 8 consecutive wins!Zika versus the lone gun on the idol

So far, LNG is the only team in our LPL division with a 100% record, leading LNG to a 7-0 record at the top of the standings.On Feb. 20, LNG will take on RNG (6-2), seeking its eighth straight win.Domestic professional e-sports forecasters believe LNG has a better chance of winning with an index of 1.78 and RNG 2.04.After Doinb joined LNG, the overall team fit in quite well.Doinb maintains stability and moves away, and the heavy responsibility of carrying is handed over to Danale and Tarzan.With this strategy, LNG is now invincible.RNG introduced Bin at the beginning of the season, the tigers back into the middle unit.On the whole, both of them are doing quite well, but in the last match against V5, both of them were killed online, which seems to mean that the status of Tiger and Bin has been up and down.One of the most notable fights on the road was Ale vs. Bin.Both are our LPL league new generation top single, and the style of play is very offensive.I don’t know how Bin adjusts his state after being killed by Rich in the last game.On the same day, in addition to the match between LNG and RNG, another match between EDG and IG was also quite expected by everyone.The domestic professional e-sports forecasting agency believes that the index of IG is 5.72 and that of EDG is 1.14, indicating that EDG has a great chance to win.IG beat BLG in the last game, rookie Gwen performed very well in the fight against Zika, which was recognized by many water friends.After the game, Zika said he wanted to be like SAN Antonio.In this game against EDG, Zika will go head-to-head with his idol Gun.Whether Zika is being educated or outgrown is something to look forward to.Of course, objectively speaking, the overall strength of IG after restructuring has declined significantly compared with its peak, and there is an obvious gap between IG and EDG. It is very difficult for IG to win against EDG, but WE still hope that Zika and other players can play in the competition.Guys, who do you think has the better chance of winning these two games?

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