Guazhou “drifting bookstore” play a big role

Gansu Economic network Guazhou news (New Gansu · Gansu Economic Daily correspondent Ma Runfa) in recent days, in Guazhou county veterans service center, to apply for veterans outstanding certificate of people in an endless stream, the center hall on the north side of the retired soldiers “drifting bookstore” is particularly eye-catching, many retired soldiers in the library reading, waiting.It is understood that guazhou county veterans “floating bookstore” was officially established in July 2021, with more than 550 books, including revolutionary military, literature and history, character documentary, popular science knowledge, inspirational and other aspects, using the “on-site borrowing, registration management” mode to provide free borrowing services for veterans.At the same time, guazhou county veterans service Center and the county library book reservation service, to help veterans borrow their own books, really realize the “seamless connection” of reading resources.Up to now, more than 300 people have borrowed the books.In recent years, the melon counties around meet the demand of veterans of the growing cultural life, constantly enrich veterans home service function, in the county retired soldiers JieYueShi service center set up calligraphy studio, books, psychological consulting room, such as function room, with the aid of social organizations and institutions, establishing county disabled veterans rehabilitation service station six activities such as place,It has built a multi-functional professional public service platform, constantly expanding its service reach, giving full play to the role of ex-servicemen as “family members” and gradually eliminating “dead spots” in service.

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