Xiapu Couplets (Series 59)

Xiapu couplet works (series 59) Xiapu Couplet association United States domain high song integrity song in capital brand poem —- fujian In Yin Real estate Development Co., LTD. Weishu wonders, pagers high buildings are guaranteed quality;Blueprint structure, yinyin path can be secluded.Peak Yang sun red, real estate beautiful thousands of wang;Every spring grass MAO, building goods beautiful thousands of huan.Real estate long open edge sheng;Building scramble for trillion people Yin.Zhang Yunfang wrote buildings, to show the concept of responsibility first;Numerous projects, no loss brand supremacy reputation.Look far on the floor, the sea wide wave high, entrepreneurs heart xiong Zhizhuang fear;Step up, the road is far, in the wisdom and wisdom of the people hao forward forever.Wang Shirong wrote adhering to the concept, long Xing industry shop fujian;Rely on the spirit, loud brand yao Kyushu.Open real estate, optimal living optimal ecological;Build buildings, beautiful streets, beautiful neighborhoods in beautiful cities.Brand first foundation;Responsibility first credibility strong.Xu Zhuangsun can reflect tall buildings, charm and harmony “red bank”;Concept macro macro yan vision, performance vibration “in Yin”.Responsibility first, quality first, integrity first, first customers;Brand first, safety first, civilization first, comprehensive upper floor.A sincere hometown, love led the Chinese dream;Full of blood pour macro industry, chi Lang blue days.Zhu Jianling wrote the sunrise east, Star City melting beautiful scenery;Floor shrug left sea, zun product yao Yin.Uptown beauty, famous;Lijinghaoting, reputation across three mountains.Quality first, open up famous places;Responsibility first, struggle a blue day.Li Jichang wrote responsibility first, enterprise group reputation;Quality first, Azure international bingcheng.Floor to the sky, dongdong are boutique;Industry xing Xiapu, everyone praised blue.Abide by business philosophy, first and seek high quality;Show entrepreneurial talent, wind tiger Yunlong Extension jincheng.Ye Zongbiao wrote long-term plans for new projects prosperity;Eternal development projects benefit the people.Great heights respect quality;Century-old undertakings enjoy peace.Build thousands of mansions gaogong Zi treasure;Shan-run new residence on three provinces.Chen Shunmin constructed such as sea floor, long treasures of quality;Take on the responsibility than day, always keep sincere.Sharing with the country, how to live ganli bitter;For the benefit of the people, the construction of housing.Majestic, flickering layers zhao atmosphere;Art Yang excellence, side to see the real work.Swim the healthy birth from

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