When Lin Zhiling gave birth at the age of 48, netizens were surprised

Taiwan star Lin Chi-ling, who used to be active in mainland China and has many fans, announced on Jan 31, the Chinese New Year’s Eve, that she gave birth to her first child after marrying her husband.Lin shared the good news with netizens on social media, writing: thank you for joining our family.Between the lines, Lin Zhiling can feel the joy of giving birth, she said, “finally, finally wait until the little angel was born to our family.”It can be seen that the 48-year-old Lin Zhiling was able to successfully give birth to her first child. She experienced a lot and paid a lot, and finally got her wish.So she can’t wait to share her gratitude and joy with netizens.In November 2019, Lin Zhiling married EXILE AKIRA Kurozawa. According to media reports, the two have known each other for 8 years before that. The 41-year-old man is a sister-brother relationship, but they have always kept a low profile from meeting to getting married.Now the 48-year-old gave birth to a boy, again shocking the Internet.There have been rumors that Lin Zhiling is pregnant, but did not get a positive response from Lin Zhiling, now it is not groundless.However, some netizens speculated that Lin’s pregnancy should be based on modern medical technology, citing Lin’s physical condition and age, which makes it difficult to conceive according to natural rules.Anyway, Lin zhiling finally got her wish and got the most precious gift from God.Shortly after Lin gave birth to a baby, S sent her her best wishes on social media. She posted: “Congratulations to Zhiling, you have a lovely baby. I’m really happy for her.In the blessing of Lin Zhiling at the same time, small S friendship tips Lin Zhiling: children in the process of growing up will inevitably encounter some people want to drink a cup of things, you have to refueling oh!Originally is the friendship hint, but the net friend smelled the sour vinegar taste however.Because when Small S and Lin Zhiling once in the recording of “Kangxi Come” over, in the eyes of small S, Lin Zhiling is actually his competitors and imaginary enemies, and the personality of the direct small S every time in the program mentioned Lin Zhiling, the program ratings are very hot.The fight between Xiao S and Lin Chi-ling is well known.So netizens analysis that although Lin Zhiling is 48 years old but a baby hit a boy, while S although has dropped three children in a row, but the fetus is a girl, this matter makes S difficult to talk about, but always difficult to let go.Now for his former competitor to send blessings, in fact, the heart is full of jealousy.After all, the speculation of netizens is just speculation. How the relationship between the two people is private is only clear in the heart of the parties.Lin Zhiling deserves congratulations for her advanced age, and I hope xiao S can get her son as soon as possible.Article 7 colour dyeing | thanks to read, approved articles thumb up + care figure source network invasion, please delete

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