Vietnamese beauty moves from the city to the jungle to survive on her own and hunt a boa constrictor with her bare hands

Vietnam these two years, because of the outbreak, meet with difficulties in the development, in the city life more and more is not easy, many people give up city life back to the countryside, the Vietnam by the name of flower beauty more malicious, directly from the city move to the jungle, she is tired of city life cheating, decided to find solace in nature.This is a primitive jungle in Vietnam. It is a lonely place with mountains and water, which is hua Hua’s favorite place. Therefore, hua Hua decided to settle down here.Don’t lack most is Vietnam’s the jungle wild banana trees, has not gone long before she saw a star, the banana tree is a good thing, tree contains a lot of starch and water, can provide large amounts of energy in the body, she can’t wait to take out the knife, peeling skin, took the most tender tree inside heart eat it, look at the way she eat seems to taste good, eat the most tender part of the,She began to move on, there is no one here, naturally there is no road, walk very not easy, was full of the breath of life in the woods, a lizard appears on the roadside stone, if there is no food, it also can complement proteins, but now she also don’t want to eat it, lizard didn’t know he escaped.Gone so long, broke out in a sweat flower in the brook, washed his face and hands, let oneself again dozen spirit, at this time, she suddenly heard there is movement, the bottom of the streams alert she hurriedly picked up the knife in the past, we could be food, may also be a predator, alone in the jungle survival, must always remain vigilant.In a tree roots, she found a strange, direct blunt past drop the knife, sure not prey, inside a few is dug in their roots, hands have seized an elongated, seems to be a snake, she is very bold, this is also not afraid of snakes come back to bite her, but she found wrong, the pulling the ordinary snake under such a big effort to early out,But the snake kept running away, and she almost let it get away.Fled to prevent the snake, she a hand grabbed the snake’s tail, a hand began to clean up the surrounding rock, and then went in the other hand, want to seize the body of the snake, a series of actions did not help her catch a snake, but escaped from her hand, she worried scurrying about in the surrounding, but the snake was not meant to get out of here, just went certainly,She still did not want to give up, and kept digging in the cracks between the stones. Seeing that this would not work, she began to think of ways to remove the stone. The girl had no strength, so she could only use cunning strength to remove such a big stone.A few minutes later, she remembered that she brought a knife, take knife to cut down a stick around, insert the wood into their clefts, solid stone are finally starting to loosen, be cleared first stone, the stone also dropped quickly from their roots, the snake looks like this finally appear in front of everyone’s eyes, in front of you is always huge python,More than one of her arms, how also get a few jins weight, common girl see this I’m afraid all screamed, she is unmoved, just not to clean up with the hand, in order to clear the snake, she will also be put near point, but the snake attack, she dare not go directly by hand grasp the snake, can only use a stick constant temptation,The boa constrictor curled up to give a warning, she did not choose a stick to knock on, with her strength is not dead, finally can only frighten the snake, just try to use wood to get the snake out, but, he is not willing to cooperate, finally, she had no choice but to take out a knife.Had thought she would directly hacked to death with the sword the six-metre reptile, unexpectedly to stick again, on which there is a fork, when I saw that, snake know yourself not to be taunted ready to escape, she is a nasty directly and throw sticks caught the snake’s tail, standoff began again, in the end, she still get the chance, directly hold the head of the snake, snake violent struggle, though, still there is no way to escape,The struggle had been going on for half an hour, and they were exhausted.Wild again ferocious animal, fall in the flower of hand, finally can only become food, she’ll snake back to the shelter, can see on the shelf, and grasp the food two days ago, so she is in no hurry to eat the snake, put her tied to the edge of the pool, begin to make your own lunch, hanging in front of the house is a few days ago to catch wild boar, she didn’t catch, pass some kind of kung fuMost of the meat has been eaten, and the rest is made into preserved meat. A piece of preserved meat is washed, fixed with bamboo clips, and put on the fire to start barbecuing.Meat has been cooked, actually she is just in heating, meat zi zi take oil on the fire, her back to the house again, should come up with a small pot, and then to take out a piece of bread, it was her before the mountains, with a few pieces left now, although is to want to experience the natural life, but she didn’t come to wilderness survival, really can not find food at least won’t be starved to death,And you can eat more like this.Bread is frying in the pan, also almost finished the roast meat, sliced meat with the knife and see how the appearance of the meat tastes good, she then took out a canned, rub the inside of the sauce on the bread, plus some barbecue, finally cover with a piece of bread, sweet touch meat sandwich is ready, she ate very satisfied, and from time to time to see the snakes have run outside,Always waiting to become food, snakes would be scared to death if they knew, beauty of the jungle life is very comfortable., satiated with food and she will be looking at to python, where she will catch snake, python in waiting for their own destiny, didn’t expect her to be merciful, don’t want to eat it, is due to return to the wild snakes, a false alarm of python hurriedly escape, maybe walk while poking fun at, what all don’t be so hard to grasp what I.

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