The second day of the year owl to resident home “string relatives” police people and professional relay rescue

On the morning of February 2, Liao Yingying, a police officer at Hongshan Police Station of Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Xigong Branch, received a report from a resident surnamed Yang that he found an owl in front of his house, which seemed to be injured.By the time he and his colleagues arrived, Mr Young had packed the owl into a cardboard box with a soft towel under it.Liao Yingying found that the owl body length of more than 20 centimeters, gray feathers, thief yo big eyes, lovely lovely, but looks a little listless.He inquired and learned that Mr. Yang opened the door in the morning and found the baby lying in the door, how to drive away, carefully looked at the owl’s right eye seemed to be injured, so he picked it up and called 110 police.Liao Yingying understood the situation, the owl back to the police station, through the city 110 linkage command center to contact professional rescue personnel.City Zhou Shan wild animal rescue station staff Wang Zhe heard the news to the police station, through the identification of this owl is the collar horn owl, belongs to the national secondary protection of animals, mainly to rats, insects, small birds and so on for food.”Collar-horned owls are nocturnal animals. They are almost blind during the day and cannot see clearly. They usually rest in the dense forest and come out to forage at night.”Wang Zhe said.After taking the bird back, Wang checked to make sure the eye injury was not serious. After treating it with alcohol and iodophor, wang took the owl to a nearby forest and released it.(Luo Baorong media · Luoyang network reporter Wei Wei correspondent Zhang Guofeng article/picture) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with in time.Email address:

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