Speechless!Stop the electric car that is in unit doorway is caught on fire mysteriously, “prime culprit” is the child make trouble unexpectedly

On the afternoon of February 15, 2022, a fire alarm sounded suddenly in a residential community in Tonglu County, Hangzhou, sending out thick smoke on overhead.When the firemen arrived at the scene, the fire had been put out by the property.At the scene, an electric tricycle was burned to an empty frame.The fire did not cause any serious damage, but firefighters are still investigating.Based on the condition of the remains of the electric tricycle, the fire regulator found that the initial fire was not in the battery area, and the car was not charged.Video surveillance recovered the truth and when I checked the surveillance, the fire controller made the discovery.The video shows a young boy riding a twister behind an electric tricycle and manipulating the plastic sheet behind the seat.The plastic sheet quickly burst into flames and the boy turned and left, looking over his shoulder.After a few minutes, the electric tricycle began to burn violently, and repeatedly deflagration phenomenon.After the event, firefighters and community property found the boy, the boy also took the initiative to “confess” the mistake.As there were no serious consequences, the fire department, the community and the community property management carried out serious criticism and education for the children, and reminded their parents to carry out fire safety education for their children in time.In addition, in this fire situation, also exposed a fire safety hidden danger, electric tricycles parked illegally in the entrance of the residential building.If the fire caused casualties or serious property damage, the owner of the electric tricycle will also bear some responsibility.”Bear children” this wave of the operation of god caused many various news of ridicule “bear children” fancy a lich has appeared many times but all over the country the “bear children” seems to be rushed to be the first to come up with some breaking news review the cases in sichuan neijiang on January 15, 2022, sichuan neijiang pulling weeds in the two children in the neighbourhood with fire, initially,When the fire failed to ignite, the “bear child” did not give up and transferred the grass to the two cars to burn.After igniting the haystack, the “bear child” thought that the fire was not enough and went to buy “fuel”. As the fire became bigger and bigger, the rear car was gradually ignited. Seeing the potential was wrong, the “bear child” ran away.Smoke is seen after a fire broke out at a resident’s home in Xinbei district of Changzhou city, East China’s Jiangsu province, Jan 15, 2022.Fortunately, there were no casualties.At the time of the incident, there were only the hostess and two children in the house. The daughter and mother were resting in the room, while the young son was playing with a lighter in another room. The quilt was accidentally ignited and the fire was put out by the fire rescue personnel on the scene in time.According to the provisions of article 17 of Criminal Law of Our country, people under the age of 16 who commit the crime of fire, no criminal punishment, should be ordered to their parents or guardians to discipline;When necessary, they may also be taken in for reeducation by the government.If a child’s playing with fire causes fire accidents and causes losses to others, its parents or guardians shall bear the liability for compensation according to law.Teaching children not to play with fire is not only to avoid property damage but also to protect children and more people

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