Originally, ancient people had such a “nightlife”.

For many people these days, the night out is the real start of the day, with everything from food to fun.At the end of the lively, always someone will sigh, such a beautiful life, no electricity ancient people, probably can not enjoy it!In fact, the night life of ancient people was not so cool and comfortable, but it was not as monotonous as we thought.”Where Did China Come from,” by National Human History, delightedly analyses a wave of ancient nightlife.The Night Life of farmers The night life of farmers can be monotonous for farmers because there is always plenty of work to do.Work overtime at night, when you’re busy, or when it’s going to rain.When not busy, most of them stay at home and enjoy the “white picket fence” of their wife and children.For example, farmers in the north eat noodles and steamed buns, so they have to do some preparation work in the evening, from sifting wheat to grinding flour, and then making steamed buns, which is a very time-consuming job.But if you don’t do it late at night, it affects your work the next day, so people do all of these things at night.The weaver maid’s workload was heavy and she needed to occupy the evening.Such as “southeast peacock fly” in wrote such a sentence: “the cock crowing into the weaving, night does not rest.”Manual work is such, want to do more, you have to work hard at the time, so, for the working people, most of the time there is no night life to speak of.2, literati nightlife for literati, nightlife is inseparable from the book, one is to burn the midnight oil to read, some for the future, some for the love of their hearts.The rich are better off, but the poor can only “steal light from the wall”, or borrow fireflies.By contrast, the conditions for reading at night are much better now than at that time.On the other hand, the literati will choose to socialize in the evening, invite like-minded friends, or at home, or in the restaurant, drink together, talk about their own views, do poetry.It’s also a very artistic way of doing it.However, we can find in the TV, this kind of literary gathering also has the potential danger, for example, drink too much, say something that should not be said, the next day to key people’s ears, a great impact on their own future.3, nightlife in the city in the dynasty without curfew, nightlife and now about the same, there are night markets and so on, very rich.In the Song Dynasty, for example, there were snack shops that were open 24 hours a day.Then love lively people to accompany night travel, do not love lively oneself to piano chess painting.From this perspective, it doesn’t seem much different from the nightlife we have today.But this may be the life of a few.In fact, the life of ancient people is mostly similar to ours. The difference is that the development of science and technology has brought about some changes, right?

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