Lintan public security traffic police emergency rescue accident trapped injured people

At 4:15 in the morning of February 19, Lintan County Public Security Bureau Yang Yong police station received 110 instructions, in Yang Yong district Li Gang village bend occurred a concrete mixing truck overturned accident, the driver was stuck in the cab can not come out, the situation is very urgent.After receiving the police situation, the police station, traffic police brigade, medical first aid, emergency fire and other departments rushed to the scene for disposal.At the scene of the accident, the police found that the accident vehicle was caused by the driver’s operation error caused by rollover to the side of the road slope, the cab was squeezed seriously deformed, the driver was stuck in the cab could not move, after a brief inquiry, the driver was conscious, unknown injuries, the situation is very critical.In this case, more delay a minute, the injured will be more dangerous, must take measures in time, with time rob life.After confirmation of the scene investigation, rescue workers formulate rescue plans, a group of on-site alert, evacuation irrelevant personnel.Another rescue team launched a rescue, the first of the cement truck off the cement tank skid measures to prevent continued rolling, causing secondary injuries.Then the use of hydraulic scissors, cut open the cab, and then the use of cutting machine, fire axe and other tools to cut the cab, the rescue process of the driver emotion is more excited, police with arm to support their body, while using language to comfort their emotions.After 3 hours of rescue, at 7:40 in the morning, trapped people were successfully rescued, police immediately with fire, medical staff will be carried on the injured ambulance to the hospital for treatment.

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