Public security of 15 provinces and cities closed the net synchronously!More than 610 people were arrested for setting up fixed-line voice lines for telecom network fraud

Beijing, April 2 (reporter Hao Ping) recently, under the unified deployment and command of the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other 15 provincial public security organs to carry out the simultaneous seizure of the network, according to the law to severely crack down on the telecommunications network fraud to build fixed telephone voice special line criminal gangs.More than 610 suspects have been arrested and more than 5,100 computers, voice gateways and other equipment seized, the Ministry of Public Security said Wednesday.The public security organs seized the crime equipment.In recent years, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments, in accordance with the deployment of The State Council’s Inter-ministerial Joint Conference on Cracking down on New Types of Telecom Network crimes, have deepened the “card cutting” action and continuously intensified the verification and disposal of high-risk phone cards involved in fraud.The reporter learned that criminals use telephone cards to implement the telecommunications network fraud continued to reduce, but the public security organs found in the work, some fraudsters to escape the crackdown, to use the local fixed telephone number for crime.Most of the numbers involved in such cases are enterprise fixed lines, as well as cloud voice enterprise fixed lines launched by domestic basic operators.Some illegal fixed-line business agents are driven by interests, through network technology to transfer their fixed lines to foreign telecom network fraudsters, so that fraudsters can remotely control the way to call fraud.The public security organs seized the crime equipment.The Ministry of Public Security for the map since this year, the use of fixed telephone numbers in the implementation of the telecommunications network fraud more than 5200 cases, involving an amount of up to 500 million yuan, the harm is very serious.It is understood that the Ministry of Public Security immediately deployed Shanghai public security organs to carry out in-depth investigation and judgment, targeted crackdown.After digging and expanding the lines, the police uncovered more than 4,300 clues involving 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.In order to resolutely crack down on such illegal crimes and cut off the criminal chain of telecom and Internet fraud, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently carried out a special deployment to organize local public security organs and industry and information technology departments to take swift action and focus on the network closure operation.Public security organs in 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have successfully arrested a number of illegal agents and those connected with overseas fraud gangs, and knocked down a number of illegal and criminal dens, severely cracking down on the arrogance of telecom and network fraudsters and criminal gangs associated with black and grey industries.The public security organs seized the crime equipment.To figure the Ministry of Public Security officials said the Ministry of Public Security, public security organs will always stay in telecom network fraud crime of high-pressure crackdown, continue to jointly with the relevant department in charge of industry, focus on new trends, new features, such crime measures simultaneously, to open the road more, resolutely curb multiple high incidence trend of telecom network fraud crime, to safeguard the property safety and legitimate rights and interests of the people.At the same time, the public security organs to remind the masses to strengthen the awareness of prevention, phone number screening, personal information is not disclosed, transfer money more verification, to prevent being cheated.The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT

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