Innovation and development have their own force

When it comes to development, the narrative is always grand.But over time, the grand narrative is always made up of stories full of life and energy.Walking in Nanjing Free Trade Zone, “new wind” blows in my face — the new system. Since its approval, more than 100 innovative institutional achievements have been formed.With the development of new projects, one “core” project is accelerated and fully implemented. The development orientation of “high-end and high-tech” is more prominent.With a new environment, the reform of delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation and providing services has been deepened, and a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment has gradually taken shape.If you stop here and think deeply, you will find the forging of this new atmosphere, just like a “dream chaser” with a sense of responsibility, a dream and the courage to follow the tide.Since its listing, a series of invisible and visible changes have taken place in Nanjing Free Trade Zone, brewing, happening, freezing and rising on this hot land.From “two districts and one platform” to “two cities and one center”, it is full of vigor and vitality.Butterflies flutter their wings and flutter quietly here.The ripples, from the Yangtze River water across the river across the sea throughout the province, the country.Today, we focus on “innovative development”.In today’s era of reform and opening up, pilot free trade zones are irreplaceable platforms and pacesetters for all-round opening-up.Stepping into this group means standing in the front row of China’s opening-up.Riding the wave, born with a mission.Nanjing Free Trade Zone has grasped the “strategic eye” of the development of the pilot free trade zone, which is institutional innovation, and carried out pioneering explorations, contributing experience to the national plan of deepening reform and expanding opening-up in The north of The Yangtze River.Financial openness and innovation has always been the core content of the pilot free trade zone’s pioneering exploration of institutional openness, and an important starting point for China to improve trade and investment facilitation, promote the vigorous development of the real economy and accelerate the pace of economic opening-up.Focusing on financial system innovation, Nanjing Free Trade Zone has realized that in the high-tech era, “technology patent” is the “core asset” of the enterprise, and scientific research strength is the “cornerstone” for the rapid growth of the enterprise.In order to transform technology patent and scientific research strength into the “catalyst” for the rapid growth of enterprises, financial “living water” watering.How can innovative enterprises finance without heavy assets as collateral?”Using ‘KEChuang Digital Fund’, we successfully obtained a pure credit loan of RMB 3 million from The Bank of Jiangsu through only three steps: rating and quota calculation, loan application, loan review and progress inquiry, which is convenient and efficient.”The platform’s first “product experience officer” said Nabotte Nanjing Technology Co., LTD.The successful financing of the company is derived from “Kechuang Sujin”, an integrated digital financial service platform for government, enterprise and banking built in Nanjing Free Trade Zone. The “soft power” of technology is turned into “hard currency” for financing, effectively alleviating the financing difficulties and expensive problems of enterprises.Many high-tech enterprises feel that nanjing Free Trade Zone has been in the forefront of many innovations in the field of intellectual property services in China.In 2021, one of the “Best Practice Cases” in Nanjing Area was selected as the fourth batch of “Best Practice Cases” in the Pilot Free Trade Zone of the Ministry of Commerce, and one of the “Best Practice Cases” in the pilot pilot for comprehensively deepening the innovative development of service trade was copied and promoted nationwide.The national brand “best Practice cases” “both wings fly together”, more provincial brand or unique leading innovative cases “a hundred flowers bloom together”.Looking through the growth data, this city of opportunity in the eyes of the outside world is sending out positive signals of surging momentum of institutional innovation.In 2021, the reform task of Nanjing Free Trade Zone was implemented, and a batch of institutional innovation achievements such as “diagnosis” of enterprise INTELLECTUAL property risk were refined and formed.4 pilot reform experience and 7 innovative practice cases were replicated and promoted in the province;Five pilot reform experiences and 10 innovative practice cases were replicated and promoted in the city.Lead the way, system innovation, make demonstration, form experience, copy output.This is a manifestation of China’s commitment to free trade.Planting innovative soil to build momentum and energy for development.In terms of innovation and openness, the source of vitality lies in the cultivation of the soil and environment that promote innovation and openness. How to cultivate and promote innovation and openness, and how to care for vitality when it first appears, has become a crucial matter.Nanjing Free Trade Zone is carrying the burden of “science and technology” and “innovation”. A number of new and high-tech industries, such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, new finance and intelligent manufacturing, have been established.In addition, the Nanjing Free Trade Zone has deeper and higher considerations. The depth and height here point to deeper and higher levels.Take “City of Genes” as an example, gene and cell industry is a high-end industry in Nanjing FREE Trade Zone, focusing on subdivided fields.In March last year, the Gene and Cell Laboratory was officially launched to accelerate the transformation of research results and create more leading advantages for the construction of “Gene City” by gathering global high-quality innovation resources and cutting-edge technology projects.At the end of October, the laboratory was put into use. In the future, it will become a laboratory with international influence.All parks and industrial platforms in Nanjing Free Trade Zone cooperate with universities and research institutes at home and abroad to promote new technologies and products from the laboratory to the market, while incubating new projects and bringing new elements of innovation.Universities, institutes, enterprises…Integration of production, learning and research, a few simple words contain numerous resources and links that need to be integrated.Nanjing Free Trade Zone has made great efforts to promote the organic connection of industrial chain, innovation chain and talent chain. It has been busy building platforms and acting as a matchmaker for many years, and has yielded fruitful results in industry-university-research cooperation.Zheng Xiang pharmaceutical chairman Yang Jinfu said that after landing in Nanjing Free Trade zone, efficient speed and intimate service, so that the enterprise many times congratulated their original choice.This fertile ground for innovation is constantly playing out in a virtuous circle of thriving enterprises, strong impetus of the district and mutual achievement.Anchor the target and release the power of innovation. Only by constantly optimizing the innovation ecology can high-end projects and excellent enterprises continue to surge.Nanjing Free Trade Zone, in accordance with the strategic positioning of “two zones and one platform”, takes high-quality development as the main line, actively explores and innovates, and gathers the great force driven by innovation.Focusing on the leading industry positioning of “two cities and one center”, Nanjing Free Trade Zone strives to build an economic system of research and innovation supported by innovation, accelerating the cultivation of a large number of leading enterprises in science and technology, high-tech enterprises and new-type R&D institutions with independent innovation capabilities.Behind the numerous scientific research institutes, experts and academicians, Nanjing Free Trade Zone is its firm determination and unique vision to embrace scientific and technological innovation.Scientific and technological progress requires the accumulation of innovation vitality, innovation comes from demand, rooted in the yearning for goals, and yearning is a dream.”Action is the beginning of knowledge, and knowledge is the completion of action.”Have a dream, and struggle for it, innovation will continue to bloom.In the Nanjing Free Trade Zone, the story of innovation and development is still going on and will become even better.

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