Why do you do rehabilitation training when you do Schroth training in scoliosis?What’s the difference?

With the continuous popularization of spinal health knowledge, I believe that there are now many parents who understand the disease of “scoliosis” can be cured through systematic professional targeted training – Gymnastics training in Schroth, Germany.Some time ago, CCTV health channel also made a report on “scoliosis” this disease, its purpose is to let more people know this disease, hope to achieve early prevention and treatment, catch the end of the growth and development of teenagers before entering the formal system treatment.# Health2022 # However, clinically, many parents ask me: why do our children do schroth training and rehabilitation training?Let me use a case as an introduction to answer this question that all parents are concerned about.The patient is a boy who is still in junior middle school. During the winter vacation, his parents found that his body was not good, so they immediately brought him to me for consultation.After examination, the diagnosis was “idiopathic scoliosis”.Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 1 and Figure 2.FIG. 3 Comparison before and after training FIG. 4 Comparison before and after training FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 show left and right rotation function respectively: rotation amplitude and compensatory function mode were significantly improved.Fig.5 Comparison before and after training Fig.5 mainly shows the rear view. It can be seen that the boy’s left center of gravity deviation and scapula instability were significantly improved.It should be noted that at present, the junior high school boy has only carried out sports rehabilitation training, has not carried out schroth gymnastics targeted training!The difference between Schroth training and rehabilitation training: the formation of scoliosis and the coexistence of poor posture is not inevitable, they can be independent, or can coexist;Scoliosis is not necessarily bad posture, poor posture does not necessarily have scoliosis.However, one thing that can happen is that if you have scoliosis and you have poor posture, their combined effect can accelerate the development of your problems, such as your spine becoming more “curved” or your posture becoming “ugly.”So, if you ask me: why do sidesbent kids do schroth and rehab?These are my answers.@Toutiao  @Toutiao Health  @Toutiao Health Intelligence Agency

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