The Cadillac CT5 28T is stylish and capable of comprehensive excellence

Today we are going to talk about 2021 Cadillac CT5, mainly introduced is 28T style, manufacturer’s guide price of 279,700 yuan, the current market discount of 40,000 yuan.With the status of second-line luxury cars, big back row, long wheelbase, comfort is also a selling point, changing people’s view of sports models.So how does the car perform on all fronts?Now let’s take a look.The front face adopts a family-style design style, with a large shield-shaped intake grille and a spray-black mesh decorative mesh filling, which makes the visual effect more intense.Sharp big lamp group modelling, deserve to go up tear eye type daytime running light, divide whole front face more fashionable atmosphere.The whole front of the visual center of gravity is low, the cabin cover on the uplift of 4 powerful tendons, full of combat atmosphere.The head is long and the tail is short, and the tail shape of the big slip back looks more imposing.Through the waist line, and low side skirt line, very highlight the sense of strength.18-inch multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheel hub, elegant shape, and the temperament of the body.The l-shaped taillight group at the rear of the car is blackened and has a high recognition after lighting.The model of raised duck tail on the rear, there is a chrome-plated decorative strip, the whole rear foil more three-dimensional.The bottom is the tail throat of bilateral gas outlet, flat decorative mouth, composed and do not break move feeling.The length, width and height of the body are 4924mm*1883mm*1453mm, and the wheelbase is 2947mm.The space performance of the car is very spacious, to meet the daily household no problem, business reception also do not break the row.The leather seats, soaring wings and plump padding are well supported and wrapped.The front seats are electrically adjusted, the premium models have heating, ventilation and massage functions, and a regular-size sunroof.Interior design is very grand, Mosaic type 10 inch LCD screen, below is a row of control buttons, the whole is very delicate.The center console is wrapped in soft leather, with chrome-plated finishes to enhance the interior’s layering.Three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel, handle for leather material wrapped, but also equipped with a shift plate, more fun to drive.In terms of configuration, it is equipped with active brakes, electronic parking, passive pedestrian protection, front air protection tires, cruise control, one-button start, keyless entry, and active closed air intake grille and remote start.The front door uses multi-layer sound insulation glass, the whole system standard with active noise reduction function, the quiet effect in the car is good.Support CarPlay and CarLife mobile connectivity, and intelligent voice control system, daily use is very convenient.In terms of power, it has a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with 237 horsepower and 350N.m of torque.The transmission, matched by a 10-gear automatic transmission, accelerates to 100km in just 7.3 seconds.The power performance is very good, the chassis support is very good, the handling performance is one of the best.Insufficient is, the rear row of the middle platform salient, new car interior odor is larger.Low allocation models do not have parking radar, chassis ground clearance is low, the warranty rate is very general.Overall, the Cadillac CT5 has excellent power and handling, large space and high appearance, and is a second-tier luxury brand.Can not only home and driving fun, after the preferential price close people, cost-effective or quite high.What do you think of this car?

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