Shanghai: 9.1 million people have been screened for nucleic acid, and a one-month special campaign of preventive elimination will be launched in key places

China youth daily client in Shanghai on March 30 (Reuters) (· QingWang reporter Wei Qimeng) in the popular newspaper supplement journalists in epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai held a news conference, according to the city’s new home yesterday COVID – 19 confirmed cases, 326 cases of (all are light), the new home of asymptomatic infection in 5656 cases, including 18 cases of confirmed cases as previously asymptomatic infection outcome,Seventeen confirmed cases and 5,131 asymptomatic infected persons were found in quarantine, while the rest were found in screening of risk groups.Starting at 5 am on March 28, Shanghai has sealed off areas east and south of the Huangpu River and adjacent areas to carry out nucleic acid screening, said Wu Ganyu, a first-level inspector with the city’s health commission.During this period, about 17,000 samplers were organized and 6,300 temporary sampling sites were set up to carry out round-the-clock testing.Up to now, nucleic acid tests have been carried out on 9.1 million people in Pudong, Punan and their adjacent areas, and antigen screening has been carried out in non-key areas of Puxi, screening 10.87 million people with abnormal test results, which has played an important role in cutting off the spread of the virus as soon as possible and curbing the spread of the epidemic.Wu ganyu said that today, the second nucleic acid screening will be carried out in areas east and south of the Huangpu River and adjacent areas, and the general public should continue to cooperate with the screening. According to the organization arrangements of community workers, they should keep a distance in batches, wear masks and do not gather together.During the lockdown period, citizens with urgent needs such as emergency medical treatment can contact their neighborhood (village) committees, street towns or family doctors for assistance.Wu ganyu said that a new round of nucleic acid screening is the top priority of epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to ensure high-quality and efficient implementation of all links including collection, delivery, testing and reporting, and to ensure proper organization and implementation to avoid personnel gathering.Efforts should be made to speed up the transfer of positive patients and prevent cross-infection.We need to help people solve urgent problems in a timely manner and ensure that urgent and critically ill patients receive timely treatment.Jin Chen, deputy director of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Administration Committee, said that the elimination of public environment is an important link in the current epidemic prevention and control, as well as one of the effective measures to implement “human-object-environment” prevention and control and cut off the transmission route of COVID-19.According to the requirements of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and control Office, the city will carry out a one-month special campaign of prevention and elimination in key places.The special action focuses on 10 key places where people gather to carry out systematic and holistic elimination, including office buildings, construction sites, public places, transportation vehicles, farmers’ markets, large shopping malls, communities, schools, pension institutions and families.Jin also reminded citizens that the campaign will be carried out in accordance with the principle of not affecting citizens’ daily life (such as taking public transportation, shopping in shopping malls and office buildings).Although the public environment has been destroyed, people still need to do a good job of personal protection.For the indoor environment, there is no need to kill too much (but the hand often contact the door handle and other parts to do some kill), the key is to do the window ventilation, at least twice a day, each time more than 30 minutes.Source: China Youth Daily client

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