Kulun Public Security Political Work Office organized to watch the warning educational video to study and discuss “Optimizing the Legal Business Environment”

For a solid “greet the twenty large, optimization under the rule of law to do business and service quality development” the big discussion activity concentration all work of the learning phase, the coulomb flag political work in public security bureau office in accordance with the big discussion activity instruction spirit, stick to the task, diversified learning education activities, in order to optimize the government by law to do business to lay a solid ideological foundation.Recently, the political work in the office meeting, convey “greet the twenty large, optimization under the rule of law to do business and service quality development” spirit, the big discussion activity meeting requirements of auxiliary police work in the team people to enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and sense of urgency, to carry out the big discussion activity earnestly, adhere to the problem oriented, strengthen the role and bear, pays special attention to the work carries out,We will ensure that the major discussions are carried out at a high level and produce real results, and take concrete actions to provide solid strength for improving the law-based business environment and ensuring high-quality economic development through services.Seminar organized participants civilian auxiliary police collective watched the central commission for Discipline inspection and national supervision commission “alarm” warning education film.Through concentrated study, strengthens the event study effect, all the participants have said will itself into the business environment create the environment of rule by law, the legitimate rights and interests safeguard enterprise, through the daily work to learn each other, mutually promote, with greater strength, more solid measures to optimize the environment of business rule by law to promote all work.

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