You’re telling me what to do?You take the truth to speak, the leader hit back, see whose fist is hard?

“Workplace ingenuity” studying the wisdom of the ancients, summarizes abstracting spirit ingenuity, ancient and modern, detailed reveal workplace rules and the office politics the History As A Mirror JinJi 21 (354) spring, in the first month, 张祚 claim to be the king of cool, rebuilt forty and two years for the first year of peace, made his wife Simpson’s queen, son zhang tai as the prince,Zhang Tianxi, his younger brother, was appointed Changning Marquis, zhang Tingjian, his son, Jiankang Marquis, and Zhang Xuanliang, zhang Yaoling’s younger brother, was appointed Liangwu Marquis. He set up a hundred officials and worshipped heaven and earth in the suburbs, using the ceremonial instrumental music of the son of Heaven.Horse some ministers earnestly to the admonition, added sin no officer, admonition LangZhongDing qi and he said: we since designated a rail, all previous dynasties keep liegeman buddhist, loyalty and courteous act more than fifty years, so can we use just a state of soldiers to resist the enemy of the whole world, although his soldiers in successive years, but people do not complained of sleepiness.His highness was no higher in service and virtue than his predecessors, but he was eager to change his fate. His servants had never seen anything like this work. The reason why the soldiers and the people obeyed, the reason why the distant tribes were obedient and yearning.It is because we can respect the jin royal family’s sake, now your self-respect as emperor, will be centrifugal inside and outside, but also how can rely on a corner of the world to resist the strong enemy!Zhang Zuo flew into a rage and killed Ding Qi in front of the palace.Zhang Zuo called himself King of Liang, changed his title, and conferred the titles of wen and Wu hundred officials. Ma Ji earnestly admonished him, but he was punished and dismissed. Ding Qi then admonished him, enumerating the drawbacks, which angered Zhang Zuo and finally led to zhang Zuo’s death.To change the name of the year, worship heaven and earth, and use the ceremonial instrumental music of the emperor, is equivalent to creating a new platform, which means breaking away from the big platform of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Zhang Zuo used to be a court official of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, so it is morally unacceptable to break away from the platform.In addition, Zhangzuo has only one state’s territory and its strength is too weak. If it creates a platform independently, it will struggle, so it is not suitable for the king. Ma Ji and Ding Qi stand in the overall situation to consider.According to the actual situation advising Zhang Zuo, the original intention is good, standing in the truth of the point of view, they said right, the result is a good man did not have a good fate, two people have no good end, why will be so?Workplace intelligence analysis mainly includes the following three situations.1, deny the leader Zhang Zuo claims to be the king of liang, that ambition is very big, early king ambition, declared the king is to tell the people of the world, he zhang Zuo has the ability to be king, Ma Ji, Ding Qi direct advice, this is to deny the ability of Zhang Zuo, Zhang Zuo is not happy is reasonable.Say queen, be about to go to say emperor direction development, putongjing future, this is human nature, although Ma Jie, Ding Qi stands in overall situation consideration, but did not scruple zhang Zuo’s feeling, blunt admonition breaks Zhang Zuo’s dream, Zhang Zuo thinks they are in curse, do not see him good.For example, an old employee steals company resources and thinks he has independent ability. He is ready to start a company and start his own business. His business license has been obtained and everything is ready.If you start a company hastily, you will lose all your money. Even if what you say is the hard truth, the client will not appreciate it. The client thinks that you are denying his ability, and you are throwing cold water on it.2, there is no step to accompany the king, such as tiger, follow the leadership is also a knowledge, how to remonstration leadership, and do not cause the disgust of the leadership, this requires a high eq, Ma Keiji, Ding Qi direct remonstration, appear to be smarter than the monarch, where do you let the leadership face?You are punching the leader in the face.The more remorseful, the more unhappy Zhang Zuo, Ma Keiji first remorseful, zhang Zuo although unhappy, but only recall his official post, and did not kill him, Ding Qi second remorseful, Zhang Zuo flew into a rage, and finally killed Ding Qi, Ding Qi straight mouth heart fast, resulting in the loss of life.Admonishing skills, even if it is a fact, also need to pay attention to skills, need to take care of the leader’s face, leaders are very important to face, if you let the leader not under the table, the leader will not let you live, you take the truth to speak, the leader with fists to speak.Standing in the subordinate’s point of view, you think it is right, standing in the leader’s point of view, the leader thinks it is wrong, rational can privately give the leader suggestions, only suggestions, can’t impose on the leader, otherwise the leader thinks, you are teaching me to do things?3, shake the heart of zhangzuo only a state forces, the strength is relatively thin, this little troops declared king, is a small horse chariot, Zhangzuo also know, in other words, riches and honour risk, in order to greater interests, can only burn their boats, desperate fight.Zhang Zuo declared himself king because he wanted to be independent so that he could plan for the great cause. If he did not become independent, he would still be an official of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, which was equivalent to wearing a magic spell and being subject to the Eastern Jin Dynasty, so he could not exert his power.The strength is not enough, chicken blood to raise, through beating chicken blood to inspire everyone, Zhang Zuo declared himself king, affirmation made an important speech, speech contains chicken blood, to inspire everyone, Ma Ji, Ding Qi’s advice, is to uncover zhang Zuo’s old bottom.When Lao Di is revealed, the subordinates will think that Zhang Zuo’s strength is not strong enough. When the subordinates think that the leader is not strong enough, they will have doubts and shake the morale of the army. Ma Ji and Ding Qi are admonishing on the surface, but in essence they shake the morale of the army.What is the best way to remonstrate without antagonising the leader?At this time, we should remonstrate privately with examples and reflect the disadvantages through examples. This is only an example, but it has not been mentioned, which can not only maintain the face of leaders, but also play the role of remonstrate.For example, Ma Ji and Ding Qi could say that ran Min wanted to eliminate the traces of Shi’s family by changing the name of his country and the surname of Li’s family. He did not listen to the remonstrations of his ministers Dongrunan and Zhang Wen when the foundation was not solid enough.Ran Min was finally killed by Qian Yan. It was a pity that if Ran Min had settled for a few years and waited for the foundation to be firmly established before declaring himself emperor, the great cause would have been accomplished. Unfortunately, it was too soon.The case of Ran Min was almost the same as that of Zhang Zuo. They both changed the name of the state and proclaimed themselves king. By giving examples of Ran Min’s case, zhang Zuo suggested that if he still hastily declared himself king, What happened to Ran Min might happen to him.As for the choice, it is the matter of Zhang Zuo. Ma Ji and Ding Qi, as ministers, have already said all they should say and done their duty. If Zhang Zuo is still stubborn, he must think about his future, otherwise he will be implicated.More dry goods, pay attention to “workplace wisdom” wechat public account

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