The 253-square-meter unit creates the ultimate home utility, with five bathrooms

The 253 square meter apartment creates the ultimate practicality of home. Let’s take this beautiful vision and enjoy this apartment. It reflects the overall good pattern of large room and short depth, and the elevator private hallway also ensures privacy.After entering the door, can according to master’s demand, do the porch of an entrance.The wall on the west side of the sitting room and dining room is flush to the line, which is very smooth visually. The integrated effect of home makes the grade of the door model rise one level.The southwest side of the sofa is surrounded by super majestic sky garden, which can satisfy the dreams of leisure, flower growing and vegetable growing.The living balcony on the north side reaches 4.5m, and the streamlined design further improves the appearance level of the whole apartment.The dining kitchen is arranged horizontally, and the semi-open sliding door makes dining and cooking seamless, reflecting the ultimate humanization.The rest area is equipped with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, which is luxurious.Four of the bedrooms have private bathrooms.The room adjacent to the master bedroom can also be brought into the category of the master bedroom, as the second sleeping area of the child and mother room, or independent office area is very ideal.Does such door model let a person breathtaking?

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