Elderly people aged 65 and above with guangzhou hukou can get free flu vaccine

The Spring Festival has just passed, more than 80 elderly people came to baiyun District Jianggao Town health center to enjoy the first wave of free welfare after the Spring Festival.It is reported that this also marks jianggao town health center officially opened the prelude of the national basic public health service project work.Last year, jianggao Town health center in accordance with the requirements of the higher level of 4,445 elderly vaccinated with free flu vaccine, exceeding the target task, the number of inoculation ranked first in baiyun District.On the afternoon of February 16, jianggao Town health center held the first free flu vaccination session after the Spring Festival, which was free for all elderly people aged 65 and above in Guangzhou.At the scene, many elderly people are waiting to receive flu vaccines in an orderly way, enjoying the first wave of free welfare after the Spring Festival.I have had flu shots since last year and I have hardly caught a cold.After hearing the news of free vaccination this year, my wife and I got vaccinated.In old age, it is the greatest happiness not to get sick.””Said Mr. Wang, 69.According to the scene of medical staff, affected by the weather, the number of cold patients recently increased, compared with the same period in previous years, the number of elderly people suffering from colds this year significantly reduced.Ma Renkai, deputy director of jianggao Town Health Center, said that influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza, which can significantly improve the immunity of the elderly, especially those with underlying diseases, and reduce their risk of influenza and serious complications.It is reported that in addition to free influenza vaccination, Jianggao town also carries out health check-ups for the elderly aged 65 and above and patients with hypertension and diabetes (regardless of household registration) in the countryside. In order to provide residents with a warm and comfortable physical examination environment, the hospital is equipped with heaters and prepared breakfast.Without leaving the village, residents can enjoy free routine physical examination, TCM physique identification, ecg, abdominal B ultrasound, blood routine, liver and kidney function, blood sugar, blood lipid and other auxiliary examination services brought by professional medical team.In addition, jianggao Town health center will also carry out collective children’s physical examination services in kindergartens in March.The Health Center of Jianggao Town reminds that it takes 14 days to complete the whole vaccination process before getting the flu vaccine. Residents who need to get the flu vaccine and enjoy free physical examination can go to the second floor of Shenshan Hospital or Shuili Outpatient Department of Jianggao Town for consultation.”Link”

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