A sudden drop in temperature?Liupanshui launched an emergency response to low temperature rain and snow freezing

Not a little guard against cool suddenly come to liupanshui’s friends to pay attention to the low temperature YinYuXue weather today back for all those years haven’t seen snow this year to you from tomorrow on low temperature YinYuXue weather again take position in 18 to 19, the day at night in north-central terrain height with freezing rain or sleet 19 to 20, at night in addition to the southern province of cloudy with light rain during the day of the restThe specific weather forecast for Liupanshui is as follows: From the night of the 18th to the day of the 19th, there will be light rain in the cloudy day of the whole city. There will be sleet or freezing rain in high places, accompanied by icy roads;From the night of the 19th to the day of the 21st, it was cloudy with sleet or freezing rain in the whole city, and most sections of roads were frozen. There was light to moderate snow in the higher areas at night of the 19th.21 night to 22, cloudy with sleet or light snow, local to heavy snow, road ice;23 ~ 24, cloudy days with sleet or freezing rain, road ice.The coming week, local fog.1. The temperature drop is large, has a wide impact and lasts for a long time. Please keep warm and beware of catching a cold.2. When the cold air comes, the wind is larger. The scaffolding facilities should be strengthened to prevent the scaffolding from collapsing or the wind opens the film to increase the freezing injury, and do a good job in temperature and humidity control.3. Pay attention to the safety of electricity and fire to avoid fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.4. When cold air strikes, it is necessary to strengthen traffic safety control, prevent local rain, fog, snow, road icing and other adverse effects, pay attention to meteorological warning information and road traffic conditions, to ensure travel safety.According to the latest meteorological data analysis, under the influence of strong cold air, there will be continuous large-scale low-temperature rain and snow freezing weather in Zhuhai from the night of February 18th to 24th.During this process, the maximum temperature decreased 7 ~ 12℃ and the minimum temperature decreased 5 ~ 8℃.From The night of 19th to the night of 24th, the city will have a cloudy day with sleet or freezing rain, accompanied by road icing and fog. The lowest temperature in high altitude areas (above 1500 meters) will drop below 0℃, the lowest temperature in downtown areas will drop to about -2℃, and the lowest temperature in mountain areas above 2500 meters will drop to -8 ~ -6℃.From the night of The 21st to the night of the 22nd, the cloudy day with small to medium snow, local medium to heavy snow, snow depth of 2 ~ 5 cm in most areas, high mountain areas 6 ~ 8 cm.After consultation with various departments, according to liupanshui Low-temperature Rain and snow Freezing Disaster Weather Emergency Plan, the Municipal Disaster reduction Office decided to start low-temperature rain and snow freezing level ⅳ emergency response at 16:00 on February 18th.All levels and departments should make arrangements immediately and do their best to prevent and respond.Will concern request clew as follows now: want to arrange deployment quickly.All departments at all levels must resolutely prevent paralysis and fluke mentality, make prompt arrangements and make immediate arrangements, give high priority to ensuring people’s livelihood, smooth traffic, safety and production, strengthen leadership, clarify responsibilities, respond in an orderly and efficient manner, minimize disaster losses, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.Second, we need to strengthen monitoring, early warning and consultation.Local departments in charge of emergency response, meteorology, public security, development and reform, transportation, housing and construction, natural resources, culture, radio, film and tourism, agriculture and rural areas, water affairs, energy, electric power and communications should strengthen consultation and evaluation, and make arrangements for prevention and response.Make full use of radio, television, SMS, Weibo, wechat and other media and early warning SMS platforms, timely release early warning information, to remind the public of disaster prevention and risk aversion.Third, we need to strengthen control of key risks and hidden dangers.All levels and departments should strengthen the key investigation of urban and rural areas, rural roads, sharp bends and steep slopes, heating pipe network, gas pipe network, water supply pipe network, communication and power facilities, tourist attractions, crowded places and trellage houses, simple houses, temporary structures, timely reinforcement, snow removal and other work.In particular, we should pay close attention to the urgent repair and reinforcement of vegetable greenhouses, solar greenhouse, livestock and poultry sheds, aquaculture greenhouses and other facilities, timely snow cleaning, strictly prevent snow accumulation ice caused by collapse caused by casualties.Fourth, we will do our best to ensure the normal order of people’s lives.All levels and departments should earnestly do a good job of prevention and response to low-temperature rain and snow weather, and take effective measures to ensure the normal life of the people.Public security and other departments should do a good job in road safety management, strengthen inspection and control, remove ice and snow in a timely manner, and take effective measures to divert vehicles scientifically, such as taking police cars to lead the road, driving slowly and releasing vehicles intermittently.Power departments should strengthen power grid dispatching and management, strengthen the detection of anti-ice equipment, and timely start the melting (deicing) work.Communication departments should organize all communication operation enterprises to monitor, inspect and repair communication network equipment and transmission lines in key areas, and make preparations for anti-freezing communication rush repair.Fifth, we must prevent coupling accidents in production safety.Transport departments urge transport enterprises to implement anti-skid and anti-freeze measures, strictly control transport vehicles such as hazardous chemicals, strengthen inspection of anti-freeze safety measures at airports, docks and ships, and ensure orderly, safe and smooth traffic in severe weather.The housing and construction departments should urge construction enterprises to strengthen the monitoring of the safety performance of high supporting mold, scaffolding and lifting machinery at the site during the period of low temperature rain and snow, and immediately stop outdoor operations in the event of strong wind, rain, snow and other bad weather.Fire departments should strengthen fire prevention and control, strengthen fire safety inspection of shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, stations, old houses, “multi-in-one” and other crowded places, and effectively eliminate potential safety hazards.Cultural, radio, film and tourism departments should urge scenic spots to strengthen safety management of facilities and equipment of tourist attractions, and guide and prompt tourists to travel safely.Other relevant departments should focus on work safety in mining, hazardous chemicals, industry and trade, special equipment, oil and gas pipelines and other industries under low temperature rain and snow weather.Sixth, we must strengthen emergency guard and timely and standardized submission of information.All levels and departments should earnestly do a good job of emergency duty, strictly implement the 24-hour duty system and leadership shift.We will strengthen disaster management, do a good job in disaster verification, and report disaster statistics in a timely, comprehensive, standardized and lawful manner.In case of major disaster and danger, we should organize dispatch quickly and report the situation by phone at the first time.Comprehensive sources: Guizhou Meteorological Bureau, Liupanshui Meteorological Bureau, Liupanshui Disaster Reduction Committee Office, Visual and Visual Liangdu, Wumeng New News

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