A record!Yan Wengang won the bronze medal in men’s skeleton bobsled and the men’s relay narrowly escaped to the final

In the fourth round of men’s skeleton bobsled, Yan Wengang of China made a solid performance and won a precious bronze medal with a total of 4 minutes 01.77 seconds.Yin Zheng finished fifth in 4:02.13.Yan Wengang created the best result of the Chinese winter Olympics skeleton bobsled.In this once weak sport, Yan wengang took the podium, for China to achieve a breakthrough of zero MEDALS in this event.The multi-event short-track speed skating competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games took place at the Capital Gymnasium on Feb 11.In the men’s 5,000m relay semifinals, China’s short track speed skating team narrowly escaped a surprise and advanced to the final. Meanwhile, China’s ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing and Sun Long all advanced to the 500m heats. Wu Dajing, the gold medalist of this event at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, started his defense of his title.Qu Chunyu, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong failed to advance in the women’s 1,000m quarterfinals.China beat Denmark 5-4 in men’s curling Sunday morning to win its first victory at the Beijing Winter Olympics.The third and fourth rounds of men’s skeleton bobsled competitions of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games were held at the National bobsled Center in Yanqing on Feb 11.Yan Wengang and Yin Zheng of China won the third and fifth place respectively with a total score of 4:01.77 and 4:02.13 respectively in the fourth round of men’s skeleton bobsled competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Two German athletes won the gold and silver MEDALS.In the fourth round, Yin Zheng was the first player for China.Yin’s time in the fourth round was 1:00.28, her personal best of the race, and she broke the track start record again with a time of 4.58 seconds.Then Yan Wengang appeared.At the beginning, Yan wengang’s starting speed was not very fast, but fortunately, Yan Wengang adjusted timely in the middle period, and finally yan Wengang’s single round result was 1:00.15, and the total result was 4:01.77, winning the third place.At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, China’s Geng Wenqiang finished 13th in the event, the first time for China’s steel-frame bobsled at the Winter Olympics.This time home battle, The Chinese players again breakthrough.In the third round, Yan Wengang continued his excellent performance in the first two rounds and clocked 1:00.54 for a total of 3:01.62, advancing to the fourth round.Eun-jung qualified seventh with a total time of 3:01.85.Steel-frame bobsled has been practiced abroad for more than 100 years, but China only formed its first professional sports team in 2015.At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Geng wenqiang made his first appearance in the Olympic Winter Games as a member of China’s steel frame snow team and finished 13th.Beijing Olympics is the second time the team China steel snow on the games are, than they were four years ago in pyeongchang, this young team in Beijing, the progress of the cycle there for all to see, the men and women, a total of 4 people not only get the games, GengWenQiang within two years, is also a breakthrough in the World Cup trophy to the gold medal, into the top ten in the world, among the top in the world.Yan Wengang took the lead in the men’s skeleton bobsled event at the Beijing Winter Olympics with Yin Zheng, but Geng Wenqiang failed to qualify.Yan wengang won China’s first Winter Olympic medal in this event. Yan and Yin were selected for the Winter Olympics after their outstanding performances in the team trials and are aiming to surpass Geng Wenqiang’s all-time best ranking of 13th place in this event at the last Winter Games.Eun-jung, 26, has had a solid season, winning five championships and one third place in six competitions at the European Championship and Intercontinental Cup.In January this year, Yin won the first place through four rounds of team Olympic trials and set a record for the fastest snow Dragon.Yan Wengang finished the last two rounds of men’s skeleton bobsled at the 2020 World Bobsled Championships in 3:47.91, which was the best individual world Championship result and the best result in the history of The Chinese team.In the semifinals of men’s 5000m relay, Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Sun Long and Li Wenlong competed against Canada, Italy and Japan in the same group.Wu Dajing set out on the first leg, The Chinese team and Canada exchanged leading positions for many times.During the competition, Li Wenlong was thrown off the ice by a collision with a Canadian skater and finished last in the group.After Li fell, Ren ziwei turned back to touch Li wenlong to signal the baton handover and then rallied.The Chinese team did not give up because of the fall, and the spirit of never giving up also touched the audience.After A lengthy review of the video, the referee decided that although no foul had been committed by the Chinese team, they were given the final of Group A by A narrow margin under the new RULES of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation because of force majeure, or accidental factors, when they were in A good position.As China’s dominant event, the men’s 5,000m relay final will be held on February 16.Three Chinese swimmers ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing and Sun Long advanced to the quarterfinals in the men’s 500m heat.Pyeongchang Men’s 500m champion Wu Dajing, who was in the last group, skated in 40.230 seconds, the best time of the game, to successfully defend his title in the event.Wu Dajing, the pyeongchang Olympic gold medalist in the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating and the world record holder in the event, has hit a low point since the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.During this time, he was under great pressure and even doubt.Controversy inevitably erupted after he failed to win gold in the men’s 500-meter race in the previous three World Cup races.Finally, he won gold in the men’s 500 meters at the last World Cup race of the season in Holland.Since then, his form gradually recovered, and finally with his teammates successfully short track speed skating mixed relay gold medal.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wu dajing won a gold medal in the short track speed skating relay.Wu dajing has a good chance to defend his title in the men’s 500m final on Feb 13.Chinese men’s curling team beat Denmark 5-4 in the third round of the round-robin curling match at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning, securing their first victory at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.At present, The Chinese team has a record of one win and two losses, and is tied with the Russian Olympic Team for seventh place.China scored its first win in men’s curling with a line-up of Xu Jingtao, Wang Zhiyu, Zou Qiang and Ma Xiuyue (1st to 4th).The first 4 innings, the two sides alternately get 1 point, the game is 2-2.In the fifth game, China took advantage of the backhand advantage to make a breakthrough and scored two points.After 3 games, the situation again into the stalemate, both sides have mistakes, 8 games war stop, China 5 to 4 lead.In the ninth game, China was on a roll, but made a mistake in the toss of the penultimate pot and had to draw.In the final set, The Chinese players withstood the pressure and Ma Xiuyue finished the final pot firmly to give China its first victory of this Winter Olympics.In this game, The Chinese team played the momentum, spelled out the strength.The Chinese men’s curling team will meet the Italian team on the afternoon of 12th.’We need to learn lessons from winning and losing these three matches and make adjustments for the next match,’ Ms. Ma said.We also look forward to the wonderful performance of the Chinese men’s curling team in the next match.The Chinese men’s curling team will play Italy on The 12th in addition, two new world records were set today.In the men’s 10,000m speed skating event, Sweden’s Nils Vanderpoole skated 12.30.74 seconds, breaking his own world record set in February 2021.It was also the first world record set at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the women’s 1,000m short track speed skating quarterfinal, Dutchwoman Maria Schuerting set a new world record with a time of 1 minute 26.514 seconds.(Figure from network)

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