What would life be like in the city?

Afa is not doing well at work these days. He often grumbles that HE is a fool. If only HE had joined the army, his life would have been different.Chang Lin had probably heard afa say so before. With afa now down and out, he could not imagine how cool his life would be if he really became a soldier.But he tried to look interested and listen.Ah Fa was like Xianglinsao, self-pity, he murmured, I was in my early 20s, just graduated from high school, the head has jumped to 1.85 meters.One day, I went to the military examination. I had already gone through all the steps. I had a little liver enlargement, but it was nothing.A soldier brother came directly to the village to bring new recruits. The leader saw that I was tall and asked if I could play basketball.I was too honest at that time, so I answered evasively, yes!Later I regretted, a listen to this people will I give up.If I said THAT I would play basketball, will be taken to the army, my fate will change from now on, will not be today this helpless and painful appearance, alas, I how so silly?Afa’s words made Chang Lin sink into meditation. Suddenly he thought of himself and a question haunted his mind. He thought, yes, what would life have been like if he had stayed in the city?Unfortunately, life can not come again, everything can not assume.At the age of 25, Chang Lin left a rural middle school and, on the recommendation of a friend, went on unpaid leave to teach at a private secondary school in the provincial capital.At that time, Chang Lin was not doing well at the village school, and his relationship with a deputy principal was strained.Young energetic, high heart, with a cavity enthusiasm, Chang Lin germinated the idea of going out.The salary treatment in the technical secondary school is higher than the original school circle, more importantly, stay in the provincial city, the horizon is much wider than before, information is no longer blocked.From the countryside to the city, chang Lin still felt some inadaptability at the beginning.Fortunately, there are several colleagues in the school, Damin, Yan and old he, they and Chang Lin from different cities, a few people live in the same dormitory, close to each other, such as a shadow, they gave Chang Lin a lot of help.Damin pays special attention to appearance. He wears big back hair, suits and shoes, and wears a yellow ring on his finger.He often told Chang Lin, intentionally or unintentionally, that people should pay attention to their personal image and should not dress like villagers.Chang Lin felt damin said very reasonable, several times shopping, he found the streets full of people dressed very fashionable, bright, but he was still in the countryside before the dress, said the official corona point is simple, not to mention russet, apparently looks out of place with the surrounding environment.He clenched his teeth, the salary of the first month, he will change clothes, tens of dollars a piece of clothing he no longer look up.Sister Haitang spoke to him deeply feeling, clothes to buy a thing is a expensive or expensive thing, good quality, style!You get what you pay for, and that’s true.Chang Lin often takes a bus to hang out at the famous department store in the city on Saturday or Sunday.A big city is good, Chang Lin felt that he was a fish cruising in the ocean, free and unhindered.Most of all, he didn’t have to worry about running into anyone he knew in the crowd of the city. No one knew he was from that remote corner of the country.Now he was one of the civilized men of the city, one of them, at least dressed like other men, with a noble soul.He was interested to watch the fashion show in the city square where the models in beautiful clothes were twisting their waists. The breath of youth and avant-garde was coming on his face. The graceful and graceful girls walking beside him like graceful girls, which could only be seen on TV before.Not to mention watching A League A football game in the gym.Chang Lin finally bought a ticket from the scalpers, placed himself in the stands of the sea of people, the passion of the fans instantly infected him, his blood boiling at that time, in the whole audience shout tsunami sound, he followed a hysterical cry.A foreign aid with a bandage on his head dived high into the penalty area and, alas, just over the bar.Another small white player came to the corner of the court in front of him..It’s a feast for the eyes!The TV reporter was broadcasting with a camera not far from him, and he thought it was all new, like a dream.Chang Lin said to himself more than once in his heart, I must stay in this city, here I want to live.Sister Haitang also said to him that in this era, as long as people are diligent, they will be able to find a bowl of rice in the city.He believed it, and for a time he was sure he could stay in the city.One day in the bay jieBiao to find Chang Lin, invited him to do advertising business.Jiebiao said, now open advertising company really make money, much stronger than you stay in school, you are very talented, the brain and live, do not do this line a bit of a pity!Chang Lin finally rejected the goodwill of JieBiao.A few years later, JieBiao business in the provincial capital do wind and water, and eventually take root in the city, and Chang Lin finally returned to the countryside, this experience often let Chang Lin sigh!My classmate Zhou Long was teaching in another technical secondary school. He was very proud of himself. He had only been teaching for a few days when he heard that he had fallen in love with a female student.On National Day, Chang Lin attended Zhou Long’s wedding.When hearing that Chang Lin was still a loner, Zhou Long said, “Cheer up, old classmate! Don’t set your sights too high!”Chang Lin smiled bitterly, thinking, where is his vision too high, fate has not yet come!The Hunan girl du Ping in the school has a bit of meaning to Chang Lin actually, just Chang Lin is evading all the time, dare not face this paragraph of feeling.Du Ping graduated from a 211 school, just came to the school practice at that time, in teaching, Chang Lin gave the girl a lot of help.By that time, Du Ping had already had a boyfriend, but the relationship was on-again, off-again.The boy kept a romantic relationship with Du Ping while having an ambiguous relationship with other girls, which made Du ping very painful.Although Chang Lin also have a good impression of Du Ping, but he felt that Du Ping had a Lord, he should not go to intervene.For this, Begonia elder sister also worry for chang Lin, say, you this person how so circuitous?As long as the girl is not married, you have the right to pursue, you can compete with that boy on an equal footing!And du Ping has you in her heart, too.Chang Lin stammering speechless, he after all or misgivings heavy, he and Du Ping are destined to have predestined relationship between the points!Ah Yan was introduced to the secondary school in the provincial capital by a professor he had worked at the institute.The technical secondary school is not his final destination. He only wants to use it as a springboard for a chance to teach at a middle school in the provincial capital.Damin is more ambitious, not in the pool, at the beginning he was the school enrollment hero, he has been hoping to be their own boss, have their own technical school.In contrast, Chang Lin was much more simple in mind. He thought that he would be content to do well in school and get a good salary. As for how to establish himself once and for all in the city in the future, that seemed far away.Begonia sister said, she intends to stay in the province, never want to go back, she advised Chang Lin also don’t have the idea of going back.Now that he was finally out of the house, Chang Lin naturally did not want to go back. He wanted to at least put on a good show, so as not to let the vice principal underestimate him.Time flies, May Day is another year, the school has a week off, Chang Lin decided to go home to have a look.The car drove all the way for three hours, from the tall buildings in the city to the low houses in the country, from the wide flat asphalt road to the rugged dirt road in the country, from the hustle and bustle to quiet, he seemed to experience a journey, a great sense of difference arose.The village was the same village, everything was familiar.The next time he saw the family’s 14-inch black and white TV, he felt a mixture of emotion that almost brought tears to his eyes.In the past two years, he had been used to watching the 25-inch color TV set in school. At first glance, when he saw the old TV at home, he felt that it was dazzling and incompatible with his new life.Had it not been for an illness, Chang believes, I would not have left the provincial capital.The illness came at an inopportune time, when the school was already in decline, enrolling fewer students and moving to save costs.It was at this juncture that Chang Lin fell ill.One hot summer day, Chang Lin felt a severe stomachache. At the suggestion of his colleagues, he went to the hospital.On examination, the doctor found that it was his kidney stone that had broken out again.That was not the worst of it. After the injection in hospital, the pain in his abdomen was much less, but he still felt weak and had no appetite at all.The doctor examined him again and took blood samples. The result was shocking. He had hepatitis B, abnormal liver function and a high transaminase index.Lying in the white hospital bed, Chang Lin felt a sense of relief. For a long time, his mind had been so tense that the strings in his brain had been strained.Tired, really tired!Ah, now it’s time to have a good rest.The mother went all the way to visit her son, see his son marketing bone stand appearance, Chang Lin’s mother distressed straight tears.Since childhood, which son has experienced such hardships?He was young and had just begun his wonderful life, but how could it not be disconcerting that such a serious illness had so nearly taken his life?The woman’s reason is that her son is out alone all the year round, with irregular life, worrying diet conditions and poor nutrition, which makes him sick.Now the son must return to his own side, and he must not be allowed to wander away alone.Coming out of the hospital, Chang Lin once again completed his resignation procedures and came back from the provincial city to his former village middle school.It seemed like a dream, the roller-coaster ride from where he had started to where he was now back.Yes, the outside world is very wonderful, but the outside world is very helpless.Many years later he still wondered what life would have been like if he had stayed in the city.

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