Open a new quality travel experience, popular T5 EVO professional evaluation of new officially launched

Today, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, people’s requirements for vehicle quality are also constantly improving.On February 18, 2022, Fadong T5 EVO was invited to participate in the professional evaluation of vehicle freshness held by China Automobile Research Institute. The overall performance and quality of the vehicle will be examined through a series of rigorous tests in the coming 6 months.It is worth noting that in this test, the POPULAR T5 EVO will also face a comprehensive PK with the joint venture benchmark SUV Honda CR-V, showing the new style and new height of its own brand models.As a joint-stock company transformed from a national-level scientific research institute, CIAA always has insight into the real needs of consumers, and provides scientific and technological support for the high-quality sustainable development of the automobile industry, and provides technical services for the quality and brand improvement of automobile enterprises.The ability to carry out strict and professional freshness test in the multi-dimension subjects set up by China Automobile Research Institute is enough to witness fadong’s confidence in the quality of its own products.As the “pioneer of trend-brand SUV”, the POPULAR T5 EVO has gone through high temperature, plateau and cold tests before mass production, carrying out over 1 million kilometers of enhanced durable road tests, equivalent to circling the earth 26 times.In the process of new car development, the popular T5 EVO has established more than 3,000 control standards to ensure that the model can reach the level of luxury cars.Popular T5 EVO to quality as the background, to ensure that each car can become the user’s most reliable partner, in the subsequent test, I believe that popular T5 EVO will show a bright performance.What is the guarantee of freshness?In the industry, experts have defined the new degree as the ability of a vehicle to remain in its old and new state after a certain mileage or number of years.For consumers, to protect the new degree directly affect the subsequent transport experience, maintenance cost and resale value, etc., it not only is the important embodiment of premium brand and product force, it is also an important index, when consumer is buying a new car protect new excellent models, also illustrates the auto makers from the side with strong strength of building cars.In the following freshness test, the tester will fully simulate the user’s operating conditions and evaluate the freshness in the process of equivalent acceleration of the popular T5 EVO vehicle. The experimental content includes the body distortion road, resonance road, road road and other durable road conditions, as well as salt fog, high and low temperature environment bin test.The dynamic performance, corrosion resistance, driving feeling, ride comfort and abnormal sound of the vehicle are evaluated comprehensively through starting acceleration/beyond acceleration, type 0 braking, pedal sensation, rolling steering force test, ride comfort test, idling noise and vibration test, etc.It is important to note that in the process of experiment, the tester will analyze vehicle attenuation process of change, and joint venture models Honda cr-v Gao Baoxin degrees for the object, through professional attenuation analysis and comparison of effective disassembly, affecting factors and weight, so that the popular T5 EVO’s key parts and components, materials, performance optimization,Truly make faddy T5 EVO become an independent brand of high-fidelity models, bring users a “decade as new” sense of excellent quality.Can T5 EVO have the same high fidelity as cr-V?The final test results are worth waiting for.As an automobile enterprise that always regards quality as life, dongfeng fadong will not let go any chance to improve product quality, whether it is the introduction of international technology to improve the vehicle process, or the numerous harsh tests under bad road conditions.Uphold a car craftsmanship, dongfeng fadha announced that through the “wind plan” to achieve technological evolution, quality evolution and service evolution, to provide users with high-quality automotive products.At the signing ceremony on the same day, the signing work of the joint studio of “Future Vehicle Comfort Research Center” was also successfully completed, showing the determination of dongfeng consumers to cast high-quality vehicles.

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