Good news!The first day of the Chinese New Year has begun in Sichuan

New Year rules bring good news!The implementation measures of Sichuan Province for establishing and improving the mutual aid mechanism of basic medical insurance for employees will come into force on February 1, 2022, ushering in major changes in the reform of the medical insurance system in Sichuan.The Implementation Measures of Sichuan Province for Establishing and Improving the Mutual Aid Guarantee Mechanism of Outpatient Service of Basic Medical Insurance for Employees issued by sichuan Provincial Government clearly includes the expenses of general outpatient service into medical insurance payment.And the insurance premium of primary medical treatment of pay of unit of worker health insurance plans into fund as a whole entirely, plan into individual account no longer.At the same time, the Measures include patients with hypertension and diabetes (hereinafter referred to as the “two diseases”) who participate in employee medical insurance and take drug treatment in the scope of outpatient mutual aid security. Patients with “two diseases” who meet the standards of chronic diseases in the outpatient department will be included in the management of chronic diseases in the outpatient department, implementing the policy of chronic diseases in the outpatient department.For those who fail to meet the standards for chronic diseases in the outpatient department, the medication guarantee policy for “two diseases” shall be implemented, and the identification standards, scope of medication, guaranteed treatment and management services shall be consistent with the medication guarantee for urban and rural residents for “two diseases” in the outpatient department.The policy of chronic disease and the medication guarantee policy of “two diseases” should not be repeated.No unit or individual shall damage, occupy or change the use of barrier-free facilities such as blind roads, barrier-free toilets and wheelchair access.The Measures of Sichuan Province for the management of barrier-free Environment construction went into effect on February 1.In terms of barrier-free services, it is stipulated to improve barrier-free service functions of community public service facilities;Specific requirements were put forward for barrier-free services in areas such as community services, home renovation, participation in elections, driving training, alarm and call for help, and emergency refuge;Market entities are encouraged to arrange a certain proportion of barrier-free vehicles to provide barrier-free transportation services for the disabled and other members of society.According to the measures, at airports, stations and ports, operators of public transport facilities should provide barrier-free passenger transport services such as ticket buying, waiting, baggage checking and boarding and disembarking for the disabled and the elderly.Persons with disabilities with vision who carry guide dogs to public places or take public transport shall abide by the relevant national and provincial regulations, and staff in public places shall provide barrier-free services in accordance with the relevant national and provincial regulations.The one-time notification system of notary offices in Sichuan Province (trial) will be implemented from February 1, 2022, with a trial period of two years.Learned, notary organ system refers to the one-time told: the parties through visits, calls, letter (letter), E-mail and other means, and notarized by the notary organization to the staff notary service requirements, or consultation related to handle matters, notarization institutions and the notarial personnel related service content should be one-time told the system of the parties.According to the requirements of the notice, the notary office shall, according to the actual situation, formulate the “one-time notice of notarization Matters” and “Notice of the list of notarized matters proof materials”.And the parties do not understand the question to make good answers, to avoid the parties to provide evidence for many times.When the party concerned applies for notarization in a notarial office, the notarial personnel in charge shall examine the relevant materials on the spot, and handle them immediately if the materials are complete.If the materials are not complete or do not meet the legal requirements, the undertaker shall inform them of the required supplementary materials and the way of obtaining materials, handling procedures and acceptance requirements at one time.If it is difficult to provide the evidence to the party concerned and indeed unable to do so, the handling personnel may be entrusted by the party concerned to verify the relevant facts;The notarial office no longer requires the parties to provide proof materials for the matters under the notification commitment system.The notice also requires judicial administrative departments and notary associations to strengthen the supervision, inspection and guidance of the implementation of the one-off notification system, and to those who do not implement the one-off notification system, according to the situation, to give criticism and education, industry notification, order rectification, apology, eliminate the impact, suspension of evaluation and other industrial punishment.Chongqing and sichuan will implement new measures for the implementation of the tax administrative penalty discretion of each region, and the tax administrative penalty discretion benchmark of each region, a move aimed at accelerating the tax collection and administration service each region, promote the tax administrative penalty rules in sichuan and chongqing uniform, standard and unified, jointly create a good environment for business tax.According to introducing, the measures for the implementation of the “benchmark” by the state administration of taxation and tax bureau and the state administration of taxation in chongqing in sichuan province tax jointly plan to 7 class 62 tax category of the punishment of the illegal act, fine execution standard, considerations and the applicable conditions of the specific provision, and optimize the unified tax administrative penalty discretion to exercise the rules and discretion benchmark,It is beneficial to further promote accurate law enforcement in the field of taxation.The seven categories mainly include tax registration, tax declaration, account book voucher management, invoice management, tax collection, tax inspection, tax payment guarantee and other tax violations.According to introduction, tax laws and regulations usually stipulate one or several levels and scope of punishment for tax administrative punishment, and tax law enforcement personnel shall determine the implementation standard by exercising discretion of tax administrative punishment within the legal scope according to specific circumstances of tax violations.Due to the difference of economic development degree, the complexity of economic activities and the subjectivity of exercising discretion, there are inevitable differences in punishment scale and punishment standard in different regions.What other new rules will take effect nationwide in February?The NHC, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the State CDC have formulated the Measures for The Administration of Information Disclosure in Medical and Health Institutions, which will take effect on February 1, 2022.According to the measures, medical and health institutions should take the initiative to disclose information on public health and disease emergency response, as well as information on medical insurance, prices and charges, based on their own characteristics and actual service conditions.Medical and health institutions shall not disclose information involving state secrets, trade secrets and the protection of personal information of natural persons.Online platform operators with more than 1 million users’ personal information must report for online security Review when going public overseas. Thirteen departments have recently jointly revised the Online Security Review Measures, which will take effect on February 15, 2022.The measures include online platform operators’ data processing activities that affect or may affect national security in cyber security reviews, and explicitly require online platform operators with personal information of more than one million users to report for cyber security reviews when they go public abroad.According to the actual needs of the review, the CSRC has been added as a member of the network security review mechanism, and the national security risk assessment factors have been improved.Operators of critical information infrastructure and network platforms who violate the rules will be dealt with in accordance with the cyber security Law and data Security Law, according to the rules.Implementation Measures for Administrative Licensing and Archival Filing of Insurance Intermediaries Implementation Measures for Administrative Licensing and Archival Filing of Insurance Intermediaries issued by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission shall come into force on February 1, 2022.The Measures unify and clarify the scope of matters, working conditions, application materials and application procedures for administrative licensing and filing of insurance intermediaries to facilitate the operation and implementation of applicants.The minimum registered capital of a national professional insurance agency is 50 million yuan, and that of a regional professional insurance agency is 20 million yuan.The working capital of national institutions shall be more than 2 million yuan, and that of regional institutions shall be more than 1 million yuan;There are requirements on the number and experience of insurance assessors.The Measures for the Unified Registration of Movable Property and Guarantee of Right, issued by the People’s Bank of China, will come into force on February 1, 2022.The Measures include the typical chattel and right guarantee businesses commonly used in enterprise financing in the Decision of The State Council on the Implementation of the Unified Registration of Chattel and right Guarantee, as well as other chattel and right guarantee businesses not excluded from the Decision, into the scope of registration in the unified registration system.In addition, the Measures clearly states that the parties who register independently through the unified registration system and give a general description of the guaranteed property shall be able to reasonably identify the guaranteed property and be responsible for the authenticity, integrity and legality of the registered contents. The Credit Investigation Center of the People’s Bank of China will not conduct substantive examination of the registered contents.The Measures for the Management of Enterprise Environmental Information Disclosure in accordance with the law adopted by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will come into force on February 8, 2022.The Administrative Measures specify the contents of enterprise environmental information disclosure according to law.For the annual environmental information disclosure report, key pollutant-discharging units are required to disclose eight types of information, including enterprise environmental management information, pollutant generation, treatment and discharge information, and carbon emission information.The enterprises that implement compulsory cleaner production audit are required to disclose the reasons for implementing compulsory cleaner production audit, implementation status, evaluation and acceptance results and other information on the basis of the disclosure of eight types of information;Listed companies and bond issuing enterprises that meet the requirements are required to disclose information on climate change, ecological environment protection and other aspects of the projects they invest in in addition to the eight types of information they disclose.Enterprises are required to disclose timely information such as changes of ecological and environmental administrative permits, administrative penalties and compensation for ecological and environmental damage that are of high market concern and strong timeliness in the form of temporary environmental information disclosure report in accordance with the law.The new implementation Measures for Information Disclosure of Public Enterprises and Institutions such as Water Supply, Gas supply and Heating comes into force on February 1, 2022, as revised and released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.The Implementation Measures for Information Disclosure of Public Utilities such as Water Supply, Gas Supply and Heating (Jiancheng (2008) No. 213) shall be repealed at the same time.The new “method” regulation belongs to the scope of active disclosure of information, the local people’s governments at or above the county level urban water supply, gas supply, heating and other departments should supervise and urge the public enterprises and institutions to explicitly listed public listing way requirements, content and time limit, in principle, since the information form or change made within 20 working days from the date of the public, and dynamic adjustment according to actual situation.Emergency information shall be disclosed without delay. If laws, regulations and relevant provisions have other provisions on the time limit for information disclosure, such provisions shall prevail.The new Version of The Provisions on The Procedures of Agricultural Administrative Penalties will officially implement the provisions on the Procedures of Agricultural Administrative Penalties revised and issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which will be officially implemented from February 1, 2022. The Provisions on the Procedures of Agricultural Administrative Penalties issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on January 14, 2020 will be abolished at the same time.The newly revised “agricultural administrative penalty procedure is mainly aimed at the original provisions do not conform to the new revision clause of the law on administrative punishments, adjust the agricultural administrative punishment procedures, the applicable scope of the refinement of the agricultural administrative punishment cases from filing, investigation, seized seized delivered to the rules of procedure of execution, modified the applicable rules and review the condition of agricultural administrative penalties,We improved mechanisms for connecting administrative punishment with criminal justice.Source: Chuan Guan News integrated Chinese government network

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