Circle of friends sun New Year’s Eve dinner, every family warm bright spot, the last inexplicable a little want to laugh

Twinkling of an eye to the second day, do not know everyone’s New Year’s Eve dinner how?From New Year’s eve to the day, a New Year greeting in the circle of friends and family reunion dinner overwhelmed, especially family reunion dinner, as the most important meal of the year, every family have distinguishing feature each, rich is a standard, but also sweet and have a bright spot, I saw under the small will share with you the following several typical family reunion dinner, we also look at how, especially the last one,Read the indefinable poke in the joke.This is hainan a friend’s family reunion dinner, listen to his family reunion dinner in hainan must youdao “chicken”, what other dishes didn’t pay attention to, from the picture I can see you also, this coconut chicken is really advocate material, the rest of the dishes look is also very big, compared to the north of the big fish big meat table, less fat, the more healthy.This is a coastal city friend, you can guess a thing or two by looking at the ingredients.Fresh river shrimp is the most delicious, steamed fish and salmon slices, plus a variety of special small dipping materials, eating is a fresh word, the rest of the side dishes are also a lot of meat and vegetables, because there are many people, in order to take care of relatives and friends, some dishes are also divided into two plates, easy to grab.I don’t know if you have the habit of splitting discs.Which place is this New Year’s Eve dinner, any friends can guess?See stewed fish, pickled cabbage guess it!Obviously the New Year’s Eve dinner of the northeast friend, this roast chicken, pig head meat, braised shrimp, plus radish stewed mutton, just have all sorts of north Chinese New Year common fried goods, this meal is fragrant, but green vegetables are a little less, it is hard to avoid eating some greasy.Typical northern dishes include shrimp with garlic and steamed fish as major dishes, pork ears, fatty intestines, steamed pork ribs and braised pork with plum vegetables, etc., and some stir-fried vegetables, which is a reasonable combination of meat and vegetables. However, it can be seen that the proportion of meat and vegetables is obviously higher, which is also a common proportion of meat and vegetables in northern dining tables.Do you know where this is for New Year’s Eve dinner?See cold fold ear root must have the bottom of the heart.Hairy crab, boiled white shrimp, roasted chicken, oysters, it seems that they are also big families. The dishes are so rich, and there are a lot of seafood, there are a few local specialties I don’t know, for example, I don’t know what mushrooms are used to cook the soup, and there is a dish stewed with tomato, I don’t know what ingredients, can you see them?Is the last one didn’t come home for the holiday, friends, watching his circle of friends have talked with her, she said because of the outbreak could not go home for the holiday, you are less likely to practice, or under the guidance of mother do his favorite pepper Fried meat and vinegar cabbage, west blue flower and boiled egg is the standard on their diet, and favorite baby pumpkin, although simple,But in order to create the atmosphere of the New Year, specially washed an apple two dates, meaning the New Year can be in peace, thriving.Although looking at some “shabby”, but for wandering friends of their own New Year’s day, it is also rich, but also hope that those who failed to go home for a variety of reasons, their own New Year’s day also want to be happy, have a good meal!What do you think of these New Year’s Eve dinners?How was your family’s New Year’s Eve dinner?Welcome to share with us.Food ingredients have personality, small workshop, daily update the most in food practices and food anecdotes to share with friends.

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