Who noticed these details in Li Yifeng’s new play?

Recently, we have been talking about mirror · Twin Cities starring Li Yifeng. I couldn’t restrain my curiosity and clicked in to watch it, but I didn’t expect to catch up with 20 episodes in one breath, and the rest haven’t been updated yet.”Mirror: Twin Cities” has also been picked up by careful fans of the drama worth pondering over many details, I wonder if you have noticed these while watching the show?Mirror twin Cities revolves around the protagonist Su Mo, an epic story: Su Mo was once a carefree young shark, who later witnessed the death of the shark and her lover, White, falling from the tower.He changed into male body and became spring first new emperor of the Sea, shoulder the mission that leads all shark person to return to blue fall sea.Su Copy is determined to protect shark and lover at all costs, even at the expense of their own lives.In the latest trailer, Su Mo, played by Li Yifeng, shouts at Bai, “Everything is using me.” What’s going on?In the play, Su Mo knew that Bai could not get sunlight, so she would silently close the Windows in the house for her.True arashi gave white Maya’s cloak engraved with snow cherry blossom figure, and snow cherry blossom is white Maya’s favorite flower, this is also implying true arashi heart of love for White Maya.That sheng once because red clothes too conspicuous, and indirectly caused inflammation seeker injury, from then on that sheng no longer wear red coat.Xijing agreed to ting’s deathbed instructions not to drink any more, and then his wine pot was replaced with goji berry water.These details are skimmed over in the play, but when examined, they feel very moving.How many of these little things have you done?

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