What is “fine” between advent?Wuhan has had only one sunny day since February

Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 16 (reporter Gong Ping correspondent Yu Ganhui) after the Lantern Festival, the weather also began to “face”, light rain has arrived tonight, it is expected that tomorrow night in the north of Wuhan may appear sleet weather, the highest temperature is only 4℃, remind everyone to pay attention to rain and cold.The lowest temperature in the morning was 6℃, and the highest temperature in the afternoon rose to 9.7℃ by 4 p.m. The body felt the temperature was not low.In the vicinity of optics Valley Future three road, it began to rain at about 4:30 in the afternoon, the rain is not heavy, but the rain drops on the face of cold, can not help but make a shiver.According to the latest weather forecast of the city meteorological department, the weather is expected to turn at this point, our city will usher in a round of rain, sleet and snow for about 3 days, and the lowest temperature period will be between tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow.After a blizzard in the year of the Tiger, many citizens are concerned about the intensity of the sleet?City meteorological experts analysis that according to the current meteorological conditions, due to the relatively high temperature, this cooling process, the central city will be mainly rain, there will be no obvious snowflakes.However, as the north wind reached level 5 and lasted for two days, the temperature was low, and the wind chill effect combined with the wet and cold effect would bring a lower body temperature, so we should pay attention to the prevention of low temperature weather.Across the province, the weather was cloudy, with sleet or snow at higher elevations in the west.It is expected that the rainfall area will expand and the intensity of precipitation will strengthen tonight. It will rain moderately in the southeast part of Hubei province and snow will appear in the high altitude area of western China.The precipitation will continue to develop tomorrow, with the strengthening of the north wind, the temperature of the province will drop significantly, northwest Hubei, southwest Hubei, jianghan plain, the north northeast Hubei will be sleet or light snow.This week will be the peak time for college students to return to school, coinciding with the rain and snow weather in the whole province. The northwest and northern high-altitude areas will have snow, so we need to pay attention to the adverse impact of low visibility, slippery roads, frozen mountain roads and snow on transportation. Meanwhile, we need to do a good job in windproof, cold proof and warmth protection.What is “fine” between advent?Since the beginning of February, the weather in Wuhan has been wet, cold and depressed. Even though it is cloudy, sunshine is rarely seen. Can wuhan people look forward to the return of the wandering sun in February this year?Take a look at this set of weather data.According to the data sorted out by the city meteorological experts, from February 1st to 15th this year, the cumulative sunshine hours in Wuhan station were 9.8-16.7 hours, among which, on February 4th, the weather was fine, and the sunshine hours were 8.3-9.4 hours.On other days, the sunshine hours in Jiangxia reached 4.2 hours only on February 5, and the rest were less than 2.1 hours, mainly with gloomy rain and snow.Why wuhan rainy, rain and snow weather in recent half a month?Municipal meteorological experts believe that the main reason is the upper air circulation adjustment, weak cold air southward influence the local, and the south trough stable maintenance, bringing better water vapor conditions, resulting in more frequent rain and sleet weather.However, this is not the lowest value in the same period in history. The lowest sunshine value in Wuhan occurred in 2005, and the sunshine in the first half of February was only 6.2 hours.The sun was gone, the humidity was cold, and even the plants could not feel the smell of spring.Changjiang Daily reporters in many parks, green areas, except plum blossom in full bloom, most of the spring flowers are still in “sleep”, no obvious bud or blooming signs.May, flowers are also waiting for a sunny day, such as a spring.Zhuyehai Park next to yuanbo Road, a large area of red and white plum blossom brilliant open.Weather forecast for the next 3 days in Wuhan: February 17th daytime: cloudy with light rain, north wind level 3 to 4, gusts level 5, 3℃ ~ 7℃;Night of February 17th to day of February 18th: sleet in the north, light rain in the south, northerly wind force 3 to 4, gust force 5, 1℃ ~ 4℃;Night of February 18 to day of February 19: scattered light rain and snow to cloudy day, northerly wind level 3 to 4, 2℃ ~ 7℃.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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