Changzhi protect road: family lights reunion patrol defense I am on duty

There are always some figures, in the reunion moment, silently stick to the job, with the most beautiful work posture, to welcome the arrival of the New Year.Jan 31, 2022 marks the end of the old year and the New Year.Luzhou district road protection center is still busy, a group of three in the area of patrol, always maintain emergency status.During the festival, they do not relax vigilance, standardize the order of duty, detail the work standard process, to ensure that in the event of any situation, all quickly dispatched to protect the safety of railway transportation during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics.Bayonet New Year, post to do dedication.The District Road Protection Center is committed to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, serving as the “gatekeeper” for people’s health.Although the weather is cold, but we are heart to heart, hand in hand, with action warm this Spring Festival.”Since we have chosen to stick to it, we only care about trials and hardships”. These voices from the frontline are always the most touching.Source | changzhi road edit | tingting coordinating editor | Yang Jin

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