A shares, the most pessimistic time has passed, late pay close attention to A main line

Today, the three major a-share indexes rose collectively, especially the GEM index rose more than 3%.By the end of the day, the Shanghai Composite index rose 0.50%, the Shenzhen Component index rose 1.69%, and the GEM index rose 3.09%. The turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets exceeded 800 billion yuan, but the nBI net sold more than 3 billion yuan.In terms of the disk, the financial weight continues to be weak only brokerages barely floating red, but the track stocks of the oversold ushered in a rebound, medical services in the CRO bright all day, wuxi Wuxi Kant, Kelaiin, Zhaoyan new drugs trading limit, Boteng shares, Pharmaron rose more than 10%, medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, Traditional Chinese medicine and other pharmaceutical plate overall rise,In addition, yesterday’s special reminder of the new energy automotive industry chain, photovoltaic, military and other plates strong performance.On the list of decline, the epidemic has been damaged by the plate correction, tourism, hotel catering, airport shipping and oil and gas extraction, coal and other oil prices are also weak.In general, stocks fell more or less, the effect of making money and good sentiment, showing a certain festive atmosphere.Disk surface, 69 stocks up more than ten percent, 14 stocks drop stop as I yesterday reiterated the gem refers to rsi appear strong deviation at this location, indicated the left time is not far, to celebrate the retaliatory rebound today coincides with the Lantern Festival, jumped by more than 3% the gem, swept away for many days, strategy, the individual thinks, or around the track stock rebound,In the case of position control, the first look at the oversold rebound logic, seize the relative certainty of the plate high cast low suction.Now let’s talk about the daily chart of gem in detail. It can be seen from the above that the morning star on the K line combination has formed, but there are two shortcomings. One is that the volume can not be effectively amplified, and the second is that this place belongs to the left position of the buy, indicating that there will be a double dip trend after the rebound.So in the operation should pay attention to not chase high.30 minutes to see the GEM or strong finishing form, so tomorrow green disk has the opportunity to be low suction point, the upper pressure position at 2900 points, if in this position can not be the need to reduce the main position, to prevent a double dip!In short, the most pessimistic stage has passed, behind A shares will usher in the opportunity to cultivate, I hope friends grasp the rhythm.

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