Zhonghai Hui Delhi, Happiness Run Park, open in March…

To the year of the tiger, I wish you all a strong tiger, like a tiger with wings added, dragon teng Tiger Yue…We are also New Year new atmosphere, in addition to continue to provide various dry cargo information, also increased the immersive field dish content, small make up will be dedicated to bring new building inspection diary, shows the latest dynamic property, and expect to use illustrated in the form of (soon there will be a short video rendering) let your intuitive experience, environment and supporting building dish now and future.There is a saying: do not know the garden spring so.Xiaobian this two days to field investigation of haidian When the red plate – Zhonghai Hui Delhi and Happiness Li Run Park, the latest developments, site status, surrounding environment, traffic, commercial facilities, etc. (after the actual shoot more pictures).The following is a small diary, together to feel such a “spring” it!01 model room, opening, lottery those things on a few things we care about, xiaobian in the sales office have a reply: about the model room: Zhonghai Hui Delhi and Happiness Li Run Park are under construction, is expected to welcome guests at the end of February.About the opening time: Zhonghai Hui Delhi is expected in early March, Linlingrun Park is expected in late March – early April.About the lottery: there is no specific plan yet, but both companies give priority to people with registered permanent residence and social security in Haidian District. Zhonghai Huidai Delhi has informed customers in Haidian district to prepare relevant materials on February 7.About subway: 2 kilometers from Yongfeng Station of Line 16, the M19 branch line is in the Beijing subway line network plan for 2020-2035, but according to the developer, “it has not been determined, please pay attention to the official website information”, so there is no hope for five years.About education: Tsinghua Yongfeng Primary School, Zhongguancun Third Primary School…Specific reference to the relevant policies of the Education Commission.About the price: the average price is 83,000 /㎡, the unit price of the small type such as Zhonghai Hui Delhi 77㎡ will be higher, and the main type such as 99㎡ will be relatively lower, one room one price, all fine decoration delivery.02 site has been online, the business is updated out of the sales office, xiaobian along yongfeng Road 2 kilometers to the north, to the Zhonghai Hui Delhi site, delighted to see the following scene:The construction site has begun to pile, the rhythm of the heat and work hard and the next door happiness Run park site, although it looks quiet at present, but to use a word is, “you can always trust pin crown action”.A few hundred meters away from The southwest of Xinlingrun Garden are the current business center of the region, Intelligent Valley and Yue Jie block, but because there are only a few residential areas such as Daniufang Community, it is a little deserted.The direct distance between haidian Joy City, the future commercial powerhouse, and the two projects is 400 meters and 600 meters respectively, which is under construction. It will undoubtedly drive the overall business atmosphere around it, and even become the gathering place of fashion culture in north Beijing to enhance the vitality and potential of this region.Haidian Joy City under construction is surrounded by yongfeng Road, Yongyu Road, Yuhe Road and Beiqing Road. Looking at the environment, we find that there are still large open Spaces for development and construction, with large space and greater possibility.Space is large, the potential is big this map can be seen from the above two projects in the northwest of the five rings outside yongfeng high-tech industry base plate location advantages, in addition to the scientific and technological innovation in the industry, commerce, education and other resources, ecological environment is also pretty good, around the nansha river, 10 kilometers away is chestwood wetland park, the city has a beautiful lotus very livable.From the Nansha River overlooking the West hill 0377 square meters and 109 square meters of reverie to see the two projects to the south of the “universe first village” after the factory village are concentrated in what Internet technology enterprises: Apple, Microsoft, Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Didi…Even these so-called top 500, unicorn high-tech enterprises are not so easy to buy property in Haidian, the price of 10 million yuan at every two-bedroom is daunting, but the appearance of Zhonghai Hui Delhi and Happiness Li Run Park, let the post-90s “code farmers” see hope, their spring is near.After comparing the layout of the two projects, xiaobian thinks that the 77 square square two-bedroom in Zhonghai Hui Delhi is simply a tailored product for the post-90s “code farmers”. It is not only reasonable in pattern, but also reasonable in price. Even according to the average price of 83 thousand/square meters, the down payment is only 2.56 million.From the perspective of the door model figure of more than 77 ㎡, absolutely don’t enjoy, imagine the young farmer “code” students in 996 rare leisure time, still can be in the afternoon sitting on a floating window reading playing video games, still can invite friends in transparent food sitting room to a party or see a movie together with their parents, in here can also be exclusive commodious kitchen to do for the other half for home cooking,This must be a romantic moment for the code farmer.If 77 square meters of Zhonghai Hui Delhi is the spring of “code farmers”, then 109 square meters of Xinglinli Runyuan is a gift for women who do their best in work and family.109 square meters there are two types of house, are the north and south transparent three, LDK integrated space fluent, convenient hostess at any time to change the identity, she is a virtuous family “cook” woman, but when the child game genius mother, but to listen to the heart of the considerate woman, sometimes is to accompany the old man’s filial daughter;Want to read a book quietly or work to the study, give yourself alone time, enjoy a corner qinghuan;A guest came just as well, sitting room width achieves 3.6 meters, activity is normally free, the guest defends dry wet separation enough convenient sanitation, goodwife can calmly answer.The two project model room will open before the end of this month 04 Haidian Happiness in the life of the winner because of happiness Run park and Haidian Happiness to share a sales center, so xiaobian also incidentally went to see the Beijing sales crown model room.Haidian Happiness li location is closer to the north fifth Ring road, currently only 195 square meters of three rooms two hall three health is still for sale, more than 70-80 sets of appearance, the total price between 15.5-17.5 million, according to the sales staff Versailles said: we are a luxury sale just needed rhythm.Haidian Happiness in the real appearance, is expected in 2023 to see 195 square meters xiaobian model room, eyes light, thinking is, if you can buy a set, absolutely no problem in life winner.First look at the picture: sitting room daylighting is very good restaurant full of rich culture advocate lie again rare independent laundry room door model figure: window are mainly concentrated in: master flatlet of independent cloakroom, restaurant near the laundry room, living room and a study of two parallel space, Chinese and western double kitchen design, single elevator VIP service and private.Winners of life, go duck!

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