The product introduction page of “Monitoring turnover tendency” was removed from the official website of Shenxin

According to previous reports, A “behavior perception system” developed by A-share listed company Shenxin can monitor and predict employees who are inclined to leave the company.The company’s official website details the product features.However, Sanyan Finance noticed that at present, the function introduction page of “behavior perception system” on the official website of Shenxin is no longer available.According to the previous website, the product can solve the “personnel turnover risk situation?””, “how staff slow down” and other “pain points”.In the specific function introduction, Shen believes that the “behavior perception system BA” developed by Shen can provide “dimission risk analysis”, “work efficiency analysis” and other functions.Be able to find potential dimission risk employees in advance and give the basis for dimission risk judgment;In addition, can also analyze the company’s employees slow down, timely find negative departments and personnel slow down.The company’s official website also lists successful cooperation cases with Shenzhen Branch of Everbright Bank, Sina and East China Normal University.Currently, a search engine for “behavior awareness system BA” shows up as “404” when you click on the official website.According to The National Business Daily, Jiang Wenguang, secretary of the board of Directors of Shenxin, responded that he was not concerned about the failure to search the relevant pages, but the behavior perception system BA is not recently listed, work efficiency analysis, turnover intention analysis and other functions of the product, the company does not monitor personal data, this is the customer’s own behavior.The system focuses on leak tracking analysis, of which turnover intention analysis is only a small feature.Jiang said the system only monitors office computers and the company’s internal network, and does not monitor employee behavior on the Internet.

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