Take the car as home, rely on “roar” duty……There’s a weird police room at the border

Rain or shine forward strutting again set out in the southwest border of the motherland to have such a group of people they managed to hold on the job in the form of all kinds of “exotic” open new life because of the faith of the heart chamber of police because shoulders the mission of the cheetah “hotel” the motherland, the southwest yunnan honghe, hinterland of every community village a white cheetah patrol in the jagged mountain rain up the mountain roadThe rubble,Waves hitting the roof to let a person can’t help produce tension, click on the video to see the cheetah “hotel” more nervous than honghe border management team to drive the golden stream border police station every bound for side chamber of police police LinFa into a treasure for side chamber of police on patrol the cheetah “hotel” after experienced many times of “hanging by a thread” moment every time everyone in the heart said to himself”Next time can’t go this way” risk over the next day they will open the cheetah “hotel” driving as usual at the edge of the tour road deep in the mountains of the cheetah “hotel” how can call the cheetah “hotel” original police room every community in the southern village is located in the golden stream jin county town is located in the border with Vietnam only a shallow trench isolation water many times,Border between the two countries can achieve just across the foot entry-exit border controls is difficult, especially along the free room at the edge of the outbreak occurred after arrival of the police police directly “live” in the cheetah patrol car 24 hours non-stop traveling at 15.6 km border patrol control work last year down by car mileage can reach more than 40000 km distance, circled the earth a week of steepIn the beginning, a military coat, a box of instant noodles and a thermal insulation pot were all their equipment. When they pulled up the curtain on the window, the narrow seat at the back of the cab became a bed. When they unfolded the military coat or sleeping bag, which was less than 3 square meters, the cab became a “home”.Resulted in the car was bought many articles for daily use and wash gargle tools long everybody then call patrol cheetah “hotel” power in the 61 outbreak of the new traffic control point cheetah “hotel” still has a role is to help in the 61 outbreak of the new traffic control points to traffic control electricity and food from Vietnam is only 5 meters to condition the hardest stationed in 61, 61, the boundary tablets plagueFeeling traffic control points where the auxiliary police to carry out the investigation of water during the rainy season will be almost without electricity for the longest time, prevention and control points were without electricity for a week without fan international safe house became a special natural heat stove by noon to touch the safe house can be iron very hot flesh bursting in the evening, swarms of mosquito buzzing around the head turn was too noisy to sleep…For them, the cheetah “hotel” is another home. On duty, they need to first cut their toennails and walk up and down the vertical mountain path of 90 degrees, accompanied by mosquitoes and poisonous flowers…The tortuous finally came to the mountain ZhiQinDian three meters wide on the ground of gradually covered a smoke blackened hillsides with a slope under tents covered with a thatched houses outside with a few root wood on the right side of the tree with a slightly yellowing epidemic prevention and control for banner in the nujiang border management team before the change of epidemic prevention and control ZhiQinDian fights were nicknamed the “cloud” ZhiQinDian because see of board from down to upFrequently point just click on the video at the end of the cloud mountain view “cloud” ZhiQinDian “environment is worse but everybody take turns to stay here for 2 years and have already accustomed to the” Zhou Jiawei said as control position is particularly important on mount back his well-documented outbreaks occur police came to ZhiQinDian in traffic control tasks of “cloud” ZhiQinDian here all the year round the mountain, mosquito rat antsNot much, especially in thatched huts,Night just lie down and mouse activity bite a wall crack of bamboo weaving noises out of one meter long name snake is often several times also creditors ZhiQinDian keep of a soil dog “auf” warning cooking is only steel with hand blower need to do the simple triangle hearth fire tried to blow the fire stop as long as the room will be filled with smoke blackened policemen are make people shed tearsZhou Jiawei was cutting vegetables. His wife called and said, “Honey, I’m cooking.”Lens when he took the phone off and on ran to more than 10 meters outside the big mountain back a large stone was particularly small Zhou Jiawei said he stands around the stone is called hometown stone because it is less barrier signals are relatively good mobile phone no signal thoroughly on rainy days he often had to stand in the position and signal stand here looking into because he knew that the hill is the home ZhiQinDian full pictureEven though the conditions were difficult, the police knew that the prevention and control position was important, so they took turns to stay here for nearly 20 months. They said that for the safety of the country and the people, no matter how hard it is, it is worth Shouting out.Ah…Ah…”Armed pu border management team meng card border police station five people demonstrated auxiliary police gas heavy hands as trumpet-shaped continuous roar up roar toward the border between was echoed their way through such deterrent to the detriment of the national (frontier) management order after the illegal and criminal behavior roar auxiliary police three people take toward the foot patrols to electricity and auxiliary police sitting by the fire and the other two people said”This duty is “roar out”. Click on the video to see the “roar out” duty turns out,Some time ago, the police arrested 3 people who illegally entered the country through other channels. When they were asked, they learned that they wanted to enter the country illegally at night, but they took a deroute after hearing the roar. The police carried out daily roar, “The roar can deter the criminals who disturb the border management order.”Open so that in the field of vision open village to the top of the hill with asbestos shingle built a temporary ZhiQinDian with flag, fitted with a 150 meters from the border solar searchlight vision includes 4.6 km frontier fortress was springing up in the top of the mountain of civilian police “before foothills smuggling, smuggling ACTS are of frequent occurrence in this a few detour now almost no” ZhiQinDian after the set up of the organizationPeople of the auxiliary police in this ZhiQinDian all-weather day through telescopes night halted by observing the searchlight moment border with the open field of vision and unique way of deterring entry can be found and disposal of illegal out ahead, behavior at the same time, with police room dimension monitoring facilities and linkage with three ZhiQinDian summit on the bottom border into a pattern of linkage control border effectively deter illegalAlthough the conditions of exit and entry illegal and criminal personnel on duty are hard and the environment is harsh, the auxiliary police officers who stick to here never shout hard and tired. They say, “To protect the motherland,Proud “civilian police to carry out the daily patrol in the southwest of the motherland the police room, ZhiQinDian with a number of them like the nails on the border line as sculpture stands in his post as the stars light up every corner of the Spring Festival will come from the south of clouds they will, as always, stationed jurisdiction guard the peace of the masses (management team, the nu river border management team, the red river border region of the borderManagement detachment) source: Yunnan Changan network

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