On pedestrian footpath, how can enclosure ground raises dog at will?

“The footpath is for pedestrians, how can you enclose it and keep dogs in it?It was frightening to see the dog barking when people walked by.”This is the public Wu Recently reflected ying Ze street near the situation.Ms. Wu lives in the small district of culture, last Saturday, she went to yingze street south of the children’s park exercise, approaching the east gate of Datong 13 middle school, suddenly the road near the sound of dogs barking.Wu lady startled, fixed eyes on a look, a big barbed wire circle with a few dogs, a look like a big Wolf dog, eye dew fierce light is barking towards her.After the reporter received the report rushed to Yingze street, in the street street west side of the sidewalk found that someone with iron pipes, barbed wire circle about 10 square meters of place, raising four dogs, also put food basin.The reporter asks nearby many citizens is which person raises, all say do not know.Mr Li of the spot says, the circle on the pedestrian footpath raises a dog, with the creation civilized city is antithetical, hope relevant branch asks disposition.Reporter Long Zhonghua directed zhou Jianxin

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