My boyfriend said something that made me want to get out of the marriage: There are four things that can make your feelings show their true colors when talking about marriage

It’s said that to love someone, you don’t need to do big, earth-shattering things, but you can see every little thing clearly.Whether two people are fit to marry, have children, share happiness and sorrow, and die hand in hand is the same.My name is Fang Hua, a 35-year-old single mother.Because there was a big difference in life philosophy between us and our ex-husband, and he insisted on having a second or even a third child, we had been married for many years. We were still quarrelling about everything in life, such as work, life and children’s education, and we had to choose divorce and live a quiet life.Two years after their divorce, she met her boyfriend Ji Yun on the recommendation of relatives last year.I know that he is five years younger than me and unmarried, although the condition is much worse than the former husband, and long is also very average, in the city, there is no house, only a tens of thousands of yuan scooter.Being with him meant I had to start from scratch, as I had done 10 years ago, with him through thick and thin.It takes two or three years of hard work to save for a down payment on a house, and then 10 or 18 years of austerity to pay off the mortgage.But because he is very good to me, more know how to care for people, plus too honest introverted personality, no emotional experience before, said I was his first love.Also more willing to spend money for me, let me feel that although he looks not outstanding, but good to their own good, this is not more important than those external things, than what all good!After more than a year of getting along, we entered the stage of talking about marriage.Just know to get along soon, we said, get married to buy a wedding ring bracelet to spend how much money, how much money dowry.At that time he also promised well, the results to the end of this year to talk about marriage to buy wedding ring hand ornaments, or make contradictions.The $15,000 jewelry we agreed on was a wedding ring, a bracelet and a necklace.I don’t like to wear necklaces, so no necklaces, just rings and bracelets that cost fifteen thousand, and he thinks a bracelet over ten thousand is too expensive, five or six or seven or eight thousand is ok.Because the bracelet was expensive, he later complained to me, and always wanted to quarrel in a bad tone.I don’t know why. I don’t know why he’s been acting so bad these days.Until a few days ago, in a quarrel, he accidentally said that I never spend money for him, every time to go out to buy things are his payment, I turned around.It’s not enough to buy me such an expensive bracelet, and the bride price is no less than 66,000 yuan, which is too expensive for him to marry.Until this moment, I realized that I had never known him during the year we had been together.Never thought, he is so haggle over every ounce, petty man.Heaven and earth conscience, I have been naive think, we immediately married, who pay is not the same.And I turned around, is don’t want to see his payment password, after all, haven’t married, in case he doesn’t want me to know, BUT I don’t know not a little self-knowledge, is not very impolite?I didn’t, but he interpreted it as if I was turning away to avoid payment.At that moment, the heart can not say the cold heartbreak, cold heart.It turned out that the man who said he loved me spent a little money for me. He was so unwilling, so bitter and bitter, angry, haggling over every ounce and calculating every ounce.Since he is unmarried and has no children, I, who would rather die than have another child, am willing to risk my advanced age to have a child with him after marriage.During these months, I was actively preparing for pregnancy under the guidance of doctors, doing various examinations and taking various supplements.But he never put my hardship is not easy to take seriously, heart and mind is to go out to buy things or daily necessities, always he paid, he can not spend how much MONEY I such haggling and calculation.How dare I entrust my happiness to him with an attitude that treats me not as one of my own, or as a future wife, but as a friend or an outsider?How dare I believe that when I am pregnant, bear children for him, suffer and suffer for him, he will carry all the responsibility for me, protect me from the wind and rain?Over the past six months, I have carefully selected and purchased all his underwear, autumn clothes, winter underclothes, paper towels, waist pillows, earphones, blankets, and bedclothes from the car to the quilt core. I will buy whatever he needs in life.Even the electric car raincoat, helmet, gloves and other no, he careless, rainy day cold, cold wind blowing shivering, he did not take it seriously.But I was distressed that it was not convenient or safe for him to ride with an umbrella in the rain, so I prepared everything for him.It’s not expensive, but it’s all my heart.No, all he remembered was that he had bought me a wedding ring and bracelet, and that he had paid a fortune for it.All the things I buy for him, all the thought, all the heart, he doesn’t see, he doesn’t hear.The second day after that big quarrel, my heart cold returned the wedding ring bracelet to him, said to let each other calm for a period of time, and then decide whether we should get married, or is it worth getting married?He didn’t want to calm down, didn’t want to accept the ring bracelet, I gave it to him firmly and coldly, and started the cold war mode.I thought I really love me, willing to pay for my good man, so we can not escape a talk about the three gold bride price, on the collapse of the ironic ridiculous situation.Don’t even think about wedding photos and banquet.In his words, saving when you can is just a formality, there is no need to take it seriously or compare yourself with others.It’s sad to think about it.Original no matter how love at ordinary times, feeling good couples, whether unmarried or second marriage, also is not really good, can you get married, not suitable for married, when talking about marriage involved sanjin hardware, the dowry, wedding photos, the four important things such as the banquet, can easily see that each man’s heart is the touchstone of every relationship.Not only let us see the other person, see the depth of their feelings for us, but also see our position in the heart of the other person, is not as important as they say.The most pathetic and ridiculous thing about people is that they overestimate their position and weight in others’ hearts.Or is love too luxurious and unimportant for people now, and has already become a dispensable thing?Only money matters?In a marriage relationship, some people only care about how much money they spend for each other, but never know how to feel and see with heart, what the other party has done for them, how much they have paid?Only a strong too care about their own pay, that no matter who together, it is difficult to stable for a long time, more difficult to have happiness at all.Those who can be happy, stable and long-term couples, who does not silently pay for each other, while remembering and thanking each other for what they have done?In the bumpy life, mutual understanding and tolerance and love!I am a lover with a story.Everyone on the marriage of the three gold bride price banquet and other views, welcome to comment on the comment area to discuss.

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