Miyamoto Musashi is back from the remake?Player: No taste, not like Yu-Gi-oh or childhood

Speaking of Miyamoto Musashi in the mobile game King of Glory, I believe many friends are both familiar with and unfamiliar with him.As the classic old hero of Kings, Miyamoto Musashi has brought us many unforgettable memories.It is said that Miyamoto Musashi was nerfed 50 times in a row, and even the whole hero was reworked in the end, making Miyamoto musashi stronger, but inevitably getting knifed again.In addition to a variety of strong new hero line, Miyamoto Musashi gradually faded out of the field of vision, so called it is strange.And recently, King of Glory officially announced that Miyamoto Musashi is about to usher in a new round of changes.And has been in the experience server online, the biggest feature of this change is the enhancement of the big move, small skills more flexible, let Miyamoto Musashi in no big move when also can hit higher damage.Chosen by daji, healing during this period is stored away, in a way that is even scarier than serious injury.The passive stored potential is a bit like Charlotte’s big move, but the exact strength will not be known until the launch.King of glory of this change, also triggered players for the game change hot discussion.As opinions are divided on the game’s changes, some players believe that it will enhance Miyamoto Musashi’s appearance.Some players feel that the reworked Musashi miyamoto is like a new hero, no matter how you play it, you can’t find the old feeling.Admittedly, for many nostalgic players, often like the first version of the hero, even if the subsequent changes are strong, but also can not find back to the taste of the past.Are there games that are consistent?The answer is yes.Do you remember your favorite game yu-Gi-oh! When you were a kid?All yu-Gi-oh! Cards will not change after they are released.Even now, if you go back and look at the classic card sets of ten years ago, you will find the same taste.So players don’t have to worry that one day their favorite gameplay will be changed and no longer exist.Especially for some soul players, yu-giu-King animation in the scene of blood, even today can be exactly the same copy out.And Yu-Gi-oh! Also launched a yu-Gi-oh! Duel link country service mobile tour.You can enjoy the original card duel on your mobile phone, and you can call your old friends to fight any time you want.At present, it is also the time when yu-Gio duel link service benefits are the most generous, coupled with the mind maze, chaos and other fun gameplay, will definitely make your battle experience to a new level.Old players who love Yu-gi-oh might as well open the game to look at it!

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