Junior high school students for the Winter Olympics created their own “ice dun dun” font, parents like, teachers do not have the heart to deduct points

With the development of the society, parents also is to pay attention to the education of students, natural student font is a problem many parents concern, after all the students’ font will affect the students, after students what font for students’ future development has a certain influence, so some families will cultivate the students’ writing since I was a child,Of course, students can not avoid the font.Junior high school students for the winter Olympic Games created “ice mound mound” font, like parents, teachers don’t have the heart to penalised students will practise a variety of fonts, from primary school to font different students will also practice different font, after all, every student in different font is not the same like degree, also have different interest, students will only like to contact you like font,Naturally for some students will also create their own fonts, and these fonts, sometimes make parents laugh and cry, so that the teacher is also very helpless, look very good, but for improving grades or paper points have no use.Recently, the junior middle school students “ice mound mound” font her own fame, has own ice mound mound “font, but also to celebrate the Olympics, is also a celebration to express for the winter games, also is a kind of express way, their own when the parents of the students see the font very happy, also see for the growth of the students, the amount, so parents very happy, also very happy.But for the teacher is very helpless, after all, for the teacher to look at the font of students offer certain evaluation, also for students to be the font, the font for students’ future development have help, for students this font will enhance students’ written in later points, this needs the teacher to make evaluation, so the teacher see the students’ performance like this:Are embarrassed to deduct points, but for the future development of students have to make a correct evaluation, after all, to make correct guidance to the future development of students, so the teacher felt very helpless.Students create “ice mound mound” font is to celebrate the winter games, is a manifestation of patriotism, more students an innovative ability, it is a good thing for the students, but for students period, students practice the correct font is the most should do, is advantageous to the later development, or to improve performance in writing is should do,And this font is only suitable for her own contact or as an interest in the home, can’t use in study, also cannot be used in writing or on paper, this will only affect students’ scores in writing, and if such a habit of also can have certain influence to later learning, students do not know you to create “ice mound mound” font, welcome message exchange and comments.

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