For a long time to introduce the league first, Sichuan draft tao bao, Wang Yixiong reimbursement season

Patriotic basket, love CBA, I am Luo Sister, friends after watching remember to like!Last offseason because of the outbreak, the CBA league players in the trade is relatively less, after all, most of the team’s money is not very abundant, epidemic situation directly affected the investor’s economic problems, than something mountain king group has even unable to continue to invest in shandong men’s basketball team, they will be the team to the group to run,But there are still many clubs to the reinforcement of their squad, the new season regular season signings to long now group operation appears to be the first in the league right now, they introduce the zhelin wang, Ren Junwei and Yuan Tangwen three players all played their own strength, the Shanghai team with the help of their direct hit the second season,Compared to last season, the Shanghai team is not the same team.Fans say zhelin wang first, for he is very understanding, zhelin wang has a very good means of attack the basket, the runner-up bayi narrowly, before he is inside the core of the characters, zhelin wang this level of players in general runner-up bayi narrowly is certainly will use to retain top pay, however, perhaps the team is going to rebuild, and zhelin wang I also want to change the team play,He left fujian and joined Shanghai. Wang Zhelin can contribute 17.6 points and 8.4 rebounds per game this season.Then there is Ren Junwei, who was one of the absolute main players in the team when he was in Shanxi Team. Ren Junwei has a tough playing attitude. Like his brother Ren Junfei, he is a all-rounder.One of Li chunjiang’s favorite forward players this season, Ren averaged 11.5 points and 5.1 rebounds per game and shot 50 percent from the field.Finally is Yuan Tangwen, and zhelin wang and Ren Junwei, Yuan Tangwen joined the Shanghai team is in the form of loan, the fans should be very clear, Shanghai is the most need is local number one player, the arrival of the Yuan Tangwen just in reinforcing the team a short board, he and the collocation of feng lai is quite good, if feng lai is a dedicated eat the bread of big foreign aid,Then Yuan Tangwen is the pie master, the new season to now Yuan Tangwen can send 6 assists per game, he is very helpful to the Shanghai team.Los elder sister think over the last few seasons Shanghai team is also in constant signings, but at that time, there was a problem in their thinking, to tell the truth even if the sharks signed five blue white g to this level of players, and costly to sign a player zhelin wang, zhelin wang is currently the sharks are of the highest scoring midfielder, as the core of the team to play a ball game is through the Shanghai team’s tactics,It turns out that no matter how many blue-collar players the team has, it can’t do without a core, and the Shanghai team has found its way.The second message about sichuan team, Shanghai team post player zhelin wang because of the sichuan team last season reached the playoffs, so their previous draft sequence is not too high, the sichuan team holding is signed in the first round of no. 9, fans think this line is difficult to choose the good players, but sichuan team is new baby from the draft.At 2.01 meters tall, Sichuan sichuan picked Zhang Dianliang, an inside player from CUBA’s Beijing University of Chemical Technology, as the ninth pick in the CBA draft. He is thought to be at a disadvantage when competing against players taller than 2.10 meters.However Zhang Dianliang responded with his performances to his question, even if the height is only 2 meters 01, Zhang Dianliang still played in the CBA league popular, he totally on behalf of the sichuan team in 28 games this season, can Zhang Dianliang averaged 10.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.5 assists in the data, it better than a lot of old players 4.Given that the ninth pick’s contract salary is only 150,000 yuan a year, Zhang’s statistics are far beyond his value. If he can maintain his current form, he will have the chance to become a solid inside rotation player for Sichuan.Luo jie was very optimistic about Zhang Dianliang before the draft, and his ability is definitely not weak. Now that the level of CUBA is becoming higher and higher, Zhang Dianliang has proved that he has a good sense of rebounding as the CUBA rebounding king. Some things really depend on talent, Zhang Dianliang is born to play inside.Sichuan team Zhang Dianliang and hada di third message about runner-up bayi narrowly draft players Jeff wong male, rookie Zhang Dianliang as no. 9 has found his place in the league, and Jeff wong male the draft player has disappeared in the fans view for a long time, after a runner-up bayi narrowly, male narrator made it clear that Jeff wong this season.Before the new season started pre-season, Jeff wong male representative runner-up bayi narrowly took part in the game, the fans are very concerned about the player he at that time, everyone wants to see how Jeff wong male to be able to play, but he played less than 20 minutes before the guangzhou team JiHaoTong hurt his knee, Jeff wong after teammate to assist male went off.After the game, the officials of Team Fujian announced that Wang Yixiong’s injury is knee ligament tear and he will go to Beijing for treatment. After that, Wang Yixiong didn’t participate in a game in the regular season. When the second period began, Wang Yixiong had already returned to Jinjiang, the home town of Team Fujian.Don’t know is what reason, however, he did not attend the second phase of the regular season game, then the fans know Jeff wong male’s injury is very serious, he will not play the entire season, can only say runner-up bayi narrowly luck is so bad, in the key stage of the reconstruction team, a valuable draft players directly for the season.Los elder sister think Jeff wong male body looks really very strong, but his flexibility is a big drawback, may be it is for this reason, so Jeff wong eminently easy injury, hope he can put the injury supplies as soon as possible, so that for runner-up bayi narrowly is the third stage and the last 10 games, Jeff wong males have no chance to make the playoffs.The playoffs in this season will officially start in mid-April, maybe Wang yixiong’s injury will be healed by then. Unfortunately, it’s hard for Them to get into the playoffs in the situation of Fujian, and Wang Yixiong needs to get used to the rhythm of the game even if he comes back.As the first Chinese player to play four full years in the NCAA, Yixiong has already received a lot of attention. We can only hope that he can not be knocked down by injuries like Guo Kai, and strive to show his strength next season.Love CBA patriotic basket concern luo Elder sister, speed to see the latest CBA intelligence.

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