A: congratulations!The latest ranking of universities in Guangdong province has been released, but be careful about which universities you apply for

Guangdong is a strong province of education and economy in China. It is because of the developed economic level and education level that the colleges and universities in Guangdong province have become the ideal schools for countless students, who are competing to register for examination.So let’s take a look at the latest ranking of colleges and universities in Guangdong Province, let us know about it, hoping to be helpful to students and parents who are about to participate in the college entrance examination.The latest rankings of colleges and universities in guangdong province is the first name is sun yat-sen university, sun yat-sen university, hereinafter referred to as “large”, is a one hundred – year – old old, cuhk each year for every area in our country has turned out numerous high-quality talent, here whether teachers, school management, campus environment, or scientific research level in our country is second to none,To win the first place this time is a popular expectation.Ranked second this time is South China University of Technology, south China University of Technology progress is very obvious, in the world has entered the top 300, compared with the past three stalls forward.It is also a strong university, is the first choice of science and engineering students.Shenzhen University ranks the third. It is a university assisted by many well-known universities and enjoys high local popularity. It has advantages in scientific research and disciplines, including electronic information engineering, architecture, business administration, computer science and technology, finance and other flagship majors.Jinan University ranked fourth, Southern Medical University ranked fifth, Guangzhou Medical University ranked sixth, the Southern University of Science and Technology is not very ideal, failed to advance into the top five, only ranked seventh, performance can be said to be unsatisfactory, let people surprise.South University of Science and Technology is a university focusing on science, engineering and medicine. It has introduced 1,108 teachers, 46 of whom are academicians.Such a strong faculty believe that in the future, SOUTH University of Science and Technology will become a cradle for students to realize their dreams and dreams, the future will be predictable.Guangdong university rankings are out, but the students have to be careful of these schools in guangdong province economy, university of education cause rapid development at the same time also inspired the pheasant, saw the huge benefit and the market, so these fly-by-night, the cover of normal colleges and universities in both parents and students to obtain the money, let parents hard-earned money wasted,And destroyed the dreams and futures of countless students.Exposure is at present in guangdong province has a total of 12 university of pheasants, guangdong college of electronic information technology, guangdong university of science and technology management, the guangdong economic management college, guangdong university of construction, guangdong institute of science and technology trade, guangdong business college of management, economic management academy in guangzhou, the guangdong institute of electronic commerce, the guangdong institute of science, technology and industry, guangdong modern economic management college.Above is the pheasant university inside Guangdong province, the majority of examinees must not enter for an examination when they see these 12 colleges and universities recruit students.Sister Min said:Enter oneself for an examination the fly-by-night unfriendly, parents should pay attention to these pheasants university for the purpose of making money, has no qualifications in teaching and teaching organization, only in the name of normal colleges and universities recruit students, issued by the diploma without approval by relevant departments, so I don’t have any effect, the students graduated from these schools also is only equivalent to graduate from high school,No employer will recognize such a degree, so parents and students must be careful when filling out the application.Today’s topic: The ranking of Guangdong province has been out do not know whether you admire the university?Do you recognize the ranking of universities in Guangdong Province?Want to know more exciting content, quick to pay attention to sister min said education liaoning these 4 university diploma certificate is worthless, has been named and exposed, parents register to need to be careful of the top 100 middle school list released, Jiangxi these 4 schools successfully selected, Nanchang no. 2 middle school but unfortunately failed

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