This morning, a rainstorm warning was issued for many areas!And cold air to come, rain rain weather continues……

Starting from Tuesday, the cold air temperature with wind and rain come guangzhou “the big diving” many people hurriedly soso took out cotton-padded clothes, quilts guangzhou people to work, is still on the way to school this morning released by the wind, rain, haizhu, panyu rainstorm orange alert released li wan, yuexiu, tianhe rainstorm warning yellow guangzhou meteorological disaster emergency headquarters in 9 41 points up launched this morningGuangzhou meteorological disaster (rainstorm) ⅲ emergency response According to the guangzhou meteorological Station forecast today during the day, there will be heavy rain to showers, cloudy night, there are still thunderstorms everyone off work and school, pay attention to safety!How much longer will this wave of cold air last in guangzhou?How much longer will it rain?Rain every day to see the 26th and cold air “arrival” 👇👇 rain is still active go out also please umbrella leave the body weather station is expected tonight to tomorrow guangzhou precipitation has weakened showers, accumulated rainfall moderate rain March 25th by the south wind significantly increased the influence of Guangzhou has moderate to strong thunderstorms to remind:A new cold air will arrive from 26th to 27th, when the temperature will drop, heavy precipitation and local strong convection will be in full swing. In a word, in the next week, the cold air will be active, the warm wet air will be strong, the rain will punch frequently, and the temperature will fluctuate greatly.Cities and counties in south-north Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta, and cities and counties in eastern Guangdong had moderate to heavy rain, while other cities and counties had (thunder) showers, partial heavy rain or heavy rain.Small temperature difference between day and night.On March 25, heyuan, Shaoguan, Qingyuan and cities and counties on both sides of the Pearl River Estuary had moderate to heavy rain and partial rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning. Other cities and counties had scattered (thunder) showers and partial heavy rain or rainstorm on cloudy to overcast days.Most cities and counties have (light) fog in the morning and evening, when the visibility of fog is less than 1 km, the temperature rises significantly, the lowest temperature in the morning: 15 ~ 17℃ in northern Guangdong and eastern Guangdong cities and counties, 20 ~ 24℃ in Leizhou Peninsula, 17 ~ 20℃ in other cities and counties.March 26, there was heavy rain in northern Guangdong accompanied by local strong convection weather, other cities and counties cloudy to (thunder) showers local heavy rain or rainstorm.Warm reminder: 1. Guangdong Province has seen heavy rainfall, accumulated rainfall is large, geological disasters have a lag, pay attention to prevent landslides and other disasters.2. At present, it has entered the frequent season of severe convective weather, and it is necessary to pay attention to the secondary disasters that may be caused by lightning, thunderstorms and short-time heavy rainfall.3. Poor visibility in rainy and foggy weather, attention should be paid to sea and land traffic safety.4. Sudden drop of temperature, small temperature difference between day and night, pay attention to the impact of temperature change on agriculture.”Not feed may see, woolies well into Long” (Dragon Boat Festival, winter clothes don’t away) in the cluttered up to cool down for a few more sets of clothing best summer gown over winter clothes and don’t accept convenient and flexible source: increase or decrease the weather in guangzhou The weather in guangdong Guangzhou daily Guangdong post editing such as: Huang Minru Adisa teo audit: wang ling review: mei-fang Lin issued by:Liu Haiyu Baiyun District Rong Media Center produced

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